Monday, December 21, 2015

Supergirl Midseason 1 Finale Review

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Just when it was getting good, they stop in the middle of a fight. I have to say this show is going beyond my expectations. This is what you would call a good 90's show and I say 90s because there are actual lessons to learn each episode. Not many shows have that anymore unless you count kiddie shows, which I don't watch anymore. Anyway, let's get into it.

Kara had to deal with her aunt. The good thing is Supergirl caught her, the bad is her aunt planned to get caught. For what, we don't know yet, but we know it's not good. To me, it looks like Astra is Kara's biological mother, which would be a nice twist to things. I mean, Supergirl is already upset that her mother used her to get Astra locked up, but to also lie that she's not really her mom on top of it all would just send Kara over the edge. I also have a feeling that Astra isn't as bad as Alura made her out to be because we still don't know why she was jailed in the first place. All we know is Astra's husband, Non (his name means no in french), killed a man in the process. Very interesting that's all I will say.

In relationship news, it looks like Jimmy isn't all that interested in Kara as I first thought. He basically told Winn, he could have her. I wonder how Kara would feel about their little conversation. But I like Jimmy and Lucy and I'm rooting for Winn and Kara, but what do I know about relationships?

But the biggest moment comes with Cat and Kara. I guess the hack done to CatCo. really opened Cat's eyes to see how Kara is really reliable and always there for her when she needs her, which is how she came to the conclusion that Kara is Supergirl. I did not see this one coming. Something tells me Kara will do something stupid and Cat will take back her thought about Kara being Supergirl. Or, this show could do something different and let Cat know the truth. I doubt it'll stick by the end of the winter premiere.

So Cat figuring out Kara is Supergirl is something I don't think will stick. We'll probably see Winn make a move in the 2nd half now that he knows Jimmy isn't into her like that. But that means we'll probably see Kara tell her true feelings to Jimmy once Jimmy and Lucy have a bad fight, which you know will happen eventually, but they'll just end up getting back together. Too ahead of myself? Probably. I would also like to see more of Lucy. I like her and think she would make a great addition to the show. Plus, she got the looks in the family according to Cat. Girl, really hates Lois Lane. I kind of wish they would hire Erica Durance to play Lois Lane just to see these 2 have it out. I like that the show is slowly turning Maxwell into a bad guy and I really hope Alex doesn't date him. It really wouldn't make any sense for her to date him when she knows what he did to her sister. As for Supergirl finding out about Hank, I don't think it really matters when she finds out. She doesn't have to know every detail. Keep her in the dark.

Can't wait for the 2nd half!

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