Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jane The Virgin Midseason 2 Finale Reveiw

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Jane was pissed! She does not like being lied to and neither do I. The viewers were lied to as well. We find out exactly when Jane did, but coming from the 3rd perspective, at least I understood why Rafael did it. Jane couldn't see until she went to therapy and remembered that Michael helped Sin Rostro who killed his father. What really bothers me is why Jane is okay with Michael lying to her about helping Nadine and got over it, but it wasn't okay when Rafael did it? Obviously, this girl is bias and I can't believe that we're back to the love triangle again. What happened to the time off with it? It didn't last very long. By the end of the episode, we see Jane still pinning for Michael. I'm not saying she has to be head over heels for Rafael, but I thought the episode before (what I consider the best episode of the whole series) showed that she was finally over him and now it diminishes the effect of that episode. Ugh, back to square 1 again. The good thing is at least we don't have Michael pinning after her. At least Jane figured out why she hated being lied to by Rafael and it all circles back to her mother lying to her about her father. When it all comes down to it, it's always daddy issues. No need to see a therapist for that one.

So Jane will be a TA. Rogelio paid for Jane's school and made up a scholarship, which I have to say was very sweet of him, but since he's on a budget, he can no longer afford to pay unknown to him, which is why Jane becomes a TA in the first place. I didn't have a problem with TAs unless they didn't know what they were doing or didn't have good hours and that might be a problem with Jane. We shall see. So glad Wesley was kicked out of grad school. I didn't know a rule like that existed.

Speaking of Rogelio, I liked the intern and hope we get to see him again now that Rogelio agreed to help launch his script. Even though the bromance between Michael and Rogelio is over, I think one day they will get back together. I have more confidence in this happening than Michael and Jane. But at least Rogelio got advice from Xiomara about how he truly feels about Jane keeping Rafael away from Mateo. He feels for Rafael because that's exactly what Xo did to him. Rogelio has such a genital soul.

Michael was following up leads about Mutter's (Luisa's mother) whereabouts. They hit a dead end, but at least they confirmed that she faked her own death and amnesia. My thing is why was Mutter okay about hurting her own daughter and Rose wanted to save her? Mutter is one cold bitch. Luisa came clean about keeping in touch with Rose this whole time, but the site she used one no longer active so Sin Rostro is once again in the wind. Funniest part of the finale goes to Luisa hitting on Michael's partner. It would be interesting if she did turn out gay. I thought she would be great for Micahel, but I'm okay with it going this way too.

In other news, Alba finally got her green card. Now can we please find out what happened to her and that priest? I still haven't forgotten.

As for Petra, girl was feeling so guilty that she started seeing a ghost. She had to tell someone, and so she told her baby daddy everything that has been going on and he vowed to get her mother out of her life once and for all. But it was too late. Magda turned her daughter into the police for the murder. What kind of mother is Magda? That's just so messed up.

What do I think will happen next? To be honest, I have no idea and I like it to stay that way. I like this show for its surprises. I will say I want some more bromances and definitely want to see Petra and Jane become friends. Now that Petra is going to jail maybe Jane will figure out that Petra didn't mean what she said. But one thing I don't want to see is more of this love triangle. It's probably one of the best love triangles on TV, but even I am starting to dwindle with it. Maybe this break will get me over my hump, but I still can't wait for more.

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