Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chicago Fire Midseason 4 Finale Review

Hey People,

Firefighter down! Firefighter down! This is why you shouldn't make fun of people because the next thing you know, someone wants to stab you for it. Looks like Freddie is going to end up in jail for stabbing Herrmann. Do I think Herrmann is going to die? No, but then again this show doesn't shy away from killing people on the crew. For a second there, I thought Patterson was dead after the truck blew up. I wouldn't have been upset if he died, but I like how he changed his tune about the crew and didn't take the glory for the save of the day.

The case against Boden was dropped once they found the girl and she confessed her involvement. Things got worse for the douchebag Maddox when the guys who videoed Dawson's explosion being harassed would also confess their involvement with Maddox. Maddox agreed to a plea and it was all over. Boden will be returning to his post once again and Patterson will be moving on to another house to serve as chief. As for the Riddler. He's moving to another district, supposedly airport duty. We'll see his head pop up again one day.

Now for relationships, I still hate Casey and Dawson and that's nothing new, but I'm still rooting for Brett and Otis to happen. It doesn't look like it'll happen fast since Brett looked like she was enjoying her date, but I'm willing to wait. For Severide, I really hope that he doesn't date that girl. Good for her changing her mind to help, but he can do better. As for Jimmy and Chili, what the hell is wrong with Chili? I used to love her personality, but now it's just scaring me. We still don't know why she was late that one day and now that whole sex in the shower (they're not the first, but still), the way she reacted after being caught really bothered me. I feel like they're going Fatal Attraction with her.

Still loving the show and out of all the Chicago shows, it's still the best and my absolute favorite.

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