Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chicago Med Midseason 1 Finale Review

Hey People,

I've decided to keep this one around, even though I'm still on the edge about it. We still don't know much about these characters, which is weird because P.D. and Fire are both more into the characters personal lives than their work lives. They still need to work that out in the show, but I've decided to continue because of the last episode. the movie theater shooting.

At first I rolled my eyes at the thought that now I had to sit through a TV show portraying it, but I liked the twist they gave it. It just goes to show you not to be so quick with a gun. But I didn't blame the actual shooter because he thought he saw someone with a gun and it was a really horrible prank. So I agree with the 17 year old boy facing the law for faking a gun shooting in a movie theater and the shooter getting nothing. The shooter couldn't handle the guilt/embarrassment of it all and committed suicide by walking onto incoming traffic. As for the prankster, he has to live with the fact that his donated liver was given by a woman who was trampled to death because of his prank. Death would be too nice for this boy.

There was another story of a girl who looked aneroxic and you wouldn't blame her if you saw her mother, but she wasn't. She was just growing too tall and her food was getting stuck in a place making her throw it up. I still hate her mother though. The woman was all about her image. Ugh!

There was also a case of a racist old lady. Boy was I glad when she found out she was 15% black. Welcome to the sistahood!

There may be a romance brewing with the pregnant one and a Halstead (I seriously need to learn their names), but who really cares when we still don't know much about these characters yet to even care about them. So that's what I'm hoping for in the remaining episodes. I hope that we get more character development or Fire will be the only Chicago show I watch.

Luv ya,

P.S. As for the psych doc's take on the world being more peaceful today, has he not heard of ISIS? I feel like that was just a stupid statement, especially with so many massacres this year and shootings that happen daily. Peaceful my ass.

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