Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Man In The High Castle Review *Spoiler Free*

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Yes, I am alive and Merry Christmas to you too! Now that we got that out of the way, let's get down to business. I just finished getting through this and although I didn't binge through it like crazy, I will say that I didn't even realize that I was on the last episode until...well...the last episode. This show was a sandwich. Let me explain.

Summary: What if America didn't win World War II? That's this show in a nutshell.

America is split into 3 parts. The Nazis own one portion, the Japanese own the other, and there is a neutral zone in the middle. Hitler (ugh!) is alive and well, but he's old and someone has to take his place when he dies. Who will it be? Of course once the uniter does die (it feels really wrong to call Hitler a uniter, vomit, vomit everywhere), does the successor keep the peace with Japan? The Japanese don't think so, which is why they're plotting behind the Nazis' back. But even they know if they go to war with the Nazis that they will lose and so the fake smiles are endless on this show.

So who's the high man in the castle? No one knows although you get a pretty good idea of who it might be by the last episode. All anyone knows is he puts out special films. Films that Hitler doesn't want to get around because it might inspire revolts. Basically the films show what happens if America won the war (so they show what actually happens).

Now of course, there is a love story between a freedom fighter and Nazi, but I'm on the iffy side of it. You know what, I can't even call it a love story because I'm not even sure that it is love. It's more like I owe you so I keep putting you first before my significant other, but at the end of the day, I'm still going back to my significant other.

I called this show a sandwich because it starts off good and promising then got a little boring in the middle, but then ends with you wanting to come back because it was just getting good again even though a hell of a lot of people were making some stupid decisions.

Judgement: I've decided to come back next season because I'm more interested in what happens politically than the lackluster love story that's going on. I will say this though, I started watching it because of the premise and a stuck around for the premise but next season, the premise won't be enough for me to keep continuing. Step up your game The Man in the High Castle. This show has so much potential and I feel like it's throwing it away with boring sideline stories. Pick up the pace and focus in more on those who want to rule this 3 piece pie!

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