Monday, March 21, 2016

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S3 E18
Someone is looking hot with short hair. I have to say, I prefer short over long; although I look better with long. Now Stef looks like Robin Wright and that's not a bad thing at all. She decided to get the implants, which is totally fine. #Boobgirlforlife

Jesus and Mariana were connecting with their biological father, but too bad he was left with Mariana and the cops stopped by and ended up arresting him since he was alone with a minor. It'll get cleared up by the end of this episode.

Brandon and Callie are still in love with each other. Please let your boyfriend/girlfriend go. It's unfair to them and it's unfair for us, the viewers, to watch these awkward scenes of you guys together. As for Mat and Mariana, just get back together. Yes, Mariana is a cheating bitch, but she regrets it until this day and let me just tell you that I've been cheated on and that person wasn't as nearly as sorry as Mariana is, which is why I dumped their ass. #LivingSingle (if you get the TV reference double points for you)

S1 E16
Damm, I almost teared up at this one (key word almost). We all know about Red Kryptonite and how it made Superman an egotistical maniac. Well the same thing happened to Supergirl, but the sad thing is unlike in Smallville, this will have long lasting effect on Kara's relationships. I mean look at Jimmy. He doesn't want anything to do with Kara. Supergirl on Red Kryptonite is equivalent to a drunk man--they tell no lies. This is what Kara really thinks and we all think bad things sometimes, but Red Kryptonite makes her say them out loud. I take that back she's not like a drunk man, she's like Donald Trump #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

In other news, Hank revealed himself to be an alien to help stop Kara. Too bad, I had hope he would get with that government girl. I'll still be rooting for them. As well as Assistant #1 and Winn. Even though she was a bitch what Kara did was uncool, which will probably bring out the villain in her finally.

As always Cat is the shit and she probably shitted in her pants when she was thrown off the balcony. I laughed, but even I have to admit that shit was crazy.

S1 E13
I am so glad that prick of a dick was the mole, you have no idea. Weller was the only one to believe in Jane's innocence, which is why she no longer wants to work with tree tattoo guy anymore. Mayfair and Reade are back to not trusting Jane because they don't know about her whereabouts the night the douchebag director of the CIA died. As for Zapata, she received a phone call from whomever bugged her.

In other news, Weller told Reade to end it with his sister because he doesn't want his sister to lose another person in her life. It's true what he said, but it's not up to him. As much as I dislike Reade, I think he's a nice fit for her, but what do I know.

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