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Catching up on some Limitless, which is never a bad thing so consider this recap a binge on Limitless.

S1 E16, E17, & E18
Brian and Rebecca are working the same case, separately. Sands has to kill everyone a part of his crew back in the day including himself and Brain is brought along to help him find out where Sands's old boss is hiding so he doesn't have to kill any of his old team members (3/5 isn't so bad I guess). Rebecca is trying to solve the case of a missing child. How are they related? This child is Sands's biological child and his old boss has him and will kill the boy if Sands doesn't go through killing his old crew.

Now I really liked this episode because we got a bit of backstory with Sands. I still can't believe Sands was part of a rock band. But anyway, Sands got working for the UK military and they started smuggling. Once they were caught, the crew blamed it on the boss. At first, Sands wasn't down pinning it all on their boss, but Sands fell in love with a woman, who he believes was killed by his boss (women are a distraction) and that's what made him change his mind. Sands ended up working for Sen. Morra when one his crew members got him a job that he desparately needed. Morra said he had work for him and that worked entailed cleaning NZT from the streets--this includes, but not limited to, killing drug dealers and dug addicts. Rebecca's father was an addict. Make the connection. You can do it. Sands killed Rebecca's father. On top of that, Sands has a camera in Rebecca's apartment. Stalker much?

It was also Rebecca's birthday. She hates her birthday because one year her father promised he'd be there for it and he didn't show up. She wished he was dead and the next thing she knew he was dead. He was dead before the wish occurred, but he wasn't such a deadbeat dad like she thought. Funny thing is she was hating all the gifts for her birthday until Brian gave her his gift. Hmmmm, that's all I will say.

In other news, Ike slept with Brian's sister in his apartment. That's just wrong. You just don't do that shit at a siblings place. I would seriously want to live in another apartment if my brother did that to me and unlike Trump, I would get him to pay for it.

Rebecca and Brian get in a big fight. Rebecca finds out Brian was lying to her by raiding his apartment and finding some pills. All she asked of Brian was not to lie to her, but Brian had to lie to keep her safe from Morra. Tough predicament if you ask me. But damn is Brian's sister a sell out. I mean I probably would have done the same thing to my brother, but the whole guy bleeding out on the table business, I probably would have left that out. Because Mike and Ike were in the room, they heard everything about Brian keeping extra pills and this mysterious FBI agent who was bleeding out in Brian's apartment.

Rebecca decides it's time for Brian to get a new handler and Brian decides to take some time off. He's heading to the girl that almost took out Sen. Morra--Piper. I guess he thinks if he can help her take out Morra, then he can stop lying to Rebecca about everything, but that also means he's a dead man since Morra is the only person with a cure.

Brian was kicked out of the family so all he has left is his pills. The battle with addiction. What Brian said to Rebecca was sort of true though. She needs him to take the pills so he can help her solve cases. In other words, if Brian is an addict, then Rebecca is his enabler and the FBI are the drug dealers. C'est la vie.

P.S. I really thought in the last episode they would keep the same title sequence. I'm sad right now.
P.P.S. So glad Rachel blew off Ike.

Piper and Brian sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I actually like Brian and Piper as a couple more than the inevitable Brian and Rebecca. Speaking of Rebecca, now that she knows Brian is helping out Sands, she'll connect that Brian is also working for Sen. Morra. So what does this mean? Piper has almost made the cure so soon Brian won't even need Sands/Morra anymore, but I doubt Rebecca could ever trust Brian again (well, at least for now).

I don't know what might happen next, but all I can think of saying is Brian is fucked.

P.S. Fun episode especially Henrietta. She will always be Henrietta to me.
P.P.S. Brian's father still sucks and I hope he dies by the end of the season especially now that Sands knows Piper is still alive.
P.P.P.S. Who the hell sent Sands that photo?
P.P.P.P.S. Rachel talks too much.

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