Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Empire Midseason 2 Finale Review

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Okay I know this should have been written last year when they showed the finale, but I was being lazy and I can't help that now but to review this the day of the spring premiere, which meant I had to rewatch again. Let's get into it. I totally thought this premiered yesterday, but it turns out it won't premiere until next week. I guess I am early. That's one way to get me to write a post.

Damn, I'm not going to lie to you folks, I did not see that one coming. Lucious lost the company and when I mean lost I don't mean he won't be there anymore, he'll still be there he just won't be in charge in making decisions anymore. They still hold majority share so it's not like Mimi and Camilla can go around Lyons. Speaking of Mimi and Camilla, what the fuck? Is anyone as curious as me as how they got together? I was picturing Camilla just manipulating Mimi because she was sick and needed someone to be there for her. Either way, I couldn't have predicted that one. It was too much of a leap, but a leap I liked risking because I like when occurring characters come back. I was wondering what that bitch was doing this whole time.

Cookie lost her cookout, but she also thinks she lost her legacy. I'm wondering if she'll help Lucious take back Empire. If anything she should up her company more than ever now, especially since Empire is so vulnerable.

Jamal is up for what like 8 awards and 1 of them is against daddy. I can't believe Lucious still thinks Jamal needs to be fixed, as if there is a cure for being gay. At first, I felt bad that Lucious lost his company, but then I just look back at all the crap he's done, especially to his sons and it makes me side with Hakeem and his decision. Hakeem is actually the only consistent character if you think about it and what I mean by that is he's the only one who consistently hates Lucious. There has been some points where Cookie, Jamal, and Andre have all hated Lucious, hell even Rhonda and Anika, but when they all needed Lucious for something, they would crawl right back to him in his good graces. Hakeem never did that and I respect him for it. Hakeem even dropped his last name because he hated his dad so much. I wish the Jacksons could have done that but I get that's hard to do when the name of their singing group is the Jackson 5.

Now that we mentioned Rhonda, we might as well get into what will happen to her. She's going to lose the baby duh. I mean if the show really wanted to surprise, they could say her baby is still alive, but I doubt that will happen. Anika is cray cray and I guess tonight will be a great time to announce her being pregnant once Rhonda announces she lost her child. Now Hakeem has to deal with 3 ladies, Laura (from Mirage a Trois), Anika, and Camilla. My money is on Anika to take them all out. She can get down and dirty, but Hakeem will go back to Camilla. Why? Because Hakeem has a mommy complex since his mother wasn't there for him.

What will happen the rest of the season? I'm guessing Lucious will try to find a way to win back Empire with the help of Cookie even though he totally doesn't deserve it and it was about time he lost a war. As much as Cookie will hate what Hakeem did, she will be on his side. She and Lucious will probably try to get Camilla out of the picture and the only way to do that is for Mimi to realize she's not gay and doesn't love her. I'm thinking catching Hakeem and Camilla in bed will do it. Maybe Cookie will try to get Camilla and Hakeem together to do that instead of killing the heifer. Now that Lucious only has his music, I'm guessing he's not going to be all that friendly to Jamal anymore. After all, he is in his way of winning his first ASA. Andre and Rhonda will deal with the lost of their child and I'm thinking jealousy and hatred will be involved once Anika announces her kid. Methinks Rhonda is going to remember a slight figure when she was falling down the stairs and she's going to try to figure out who pushed her. I can't wait until she figures out it was Anika. As for Hakeem, I think the only person who will still be talking to him is his mother. There is a possibility that Lucious will try to come through with his threat to Hakeem. "I want him dead." I actually hope he does try just to create more drama.

Here's a song for waiting this long for the review. I can't wait for the music to comeback. 

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P.S. Tiana missing for most of the season so far is definitely noticeable. Why make her a main character when they're not using her?
P.P.S. Let's tone down Anika's crazy a bit. I miss collective and cunning Anika.

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