Sunday, March 27, 2016

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Hey People,

S6 E14
At first, I thought this was a filler episode. It wasn't until a little after midway I realized it wasn't. Tara can not catch a break with her girlfriends. They just keep dying and the worse of it all is they lose another doctor. This is why doctors shouldn't go on runs. I don't care what the shit that girl was talking about. Everyone has there place where they excel. Sure you can try to strengthen one of your weaknesses but that doesn't make you the shit once you learn it. Now they have to go find another doctor. At least, Eugene can makes bullets for them. I say move that manufacturing to the development and keep it in house.

GREAT NEWS! Carol left the group. You know how much I hated that bitch so I'm as happy as can be that she won't be causing any more trouble for our group. I see that she can no longer kill humans just like Morgan, but that didn't mean she had to leave. Morgan could have taught her his ways. I wouldn't be surprised if Morgan goes to trying to find her. Either way, I'm not worried about that bitch. She can take care of herself.

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