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S2 E6
After watching the episode, I just needed some time to think what just happened because so much happened and I have to say BRAVO to the writers for making it seem so seamless with the time jumps. I heard there was going to be a time jump, but I thought it would have been an earlier and then thought I just read it wrong, but I guess I just didn't read when because it totally happened in this episode and it turned out to be the best episode of the season and may be the best of the series for me.

Jane starts graduate school and she has to balance her school life with her family life. To make matters worse, Mateo develops a flat head (didn't even know that existed). Rafael steps in and fills in when Jane has school work. She misses out on a couple things but nothing major like talking or walking. Jane also has to deal with Michael no longer being in her life. Speaking of Michael, he was kind of missing for most of the episode. He called up his ex-partner to help him find Sin Rostro and destroy her since he blames her for everything that has recently happened to him and after a couple months has passed, he just shows up out of the blue at his old precinct. I bet you, he's switched sides. It would actually be much more interesting if that's what happens. It would also give Michael something to do as a character.

Luisa was missing from the episode completely, but I'm pretty sure she's with Sin Rostro and is living it up with her. Oh Lusia, I should hate you, but I just can't.

Anyway, even though Rafael wasn't chosen, he still wants to give it a go with Jane. I was kind of upset because I really don't understand why he would still be pinning over a girl that made him 2nd, but he tries to start something with Jane again, but Jane keeps it real with Rafael and admits to him that she still isn't over Michael. Time passes and eventually he starts dating another girl, who also has a kid (man is going to have 10 babies by the end of the series). I was glad that Rafael started dating someone new. He needed it. But, all it took was Jane gaining a fever for him to fall for her again. Who knew Jane could be so bitchy, period. Rafael admitted to her that he still wanted to be with her even in her bitchy state. He wanted to start over and go on a date and because so much time had passed, Jane was willing to say yes to his proposal. I think this time will be different because Rafael and Jane are no longer in the fantasy stage. They have acted bitchy towards each other, they've learned to compromise (Mateo's trust find), and they have become good friends. I can't wait to see what's going to happen between these two.

Can you say twins? Petra is going to have twins. That's 3 kids and no sex for Rafael. That's blue balls to the extreme. Thanks Narrator! Her mother is out of jail and helped her get her husband locked up in jail as well as ridding themselves of those grenades. However, Magda lost a hand and an eye in the process. I can't believe they're turning that woman into a pirate. She's apparently keeping another secret from her daughter and to make sure her daughter didn't find out she had to kill the guy that they held captive before. I swear, Magda is nothing, but trouble for Petra. Upside though, Petra and Jane could be potential friends and most people agree that it would actually be refreshing to see them as besties. Yes, Jane has one already, but she doesn't have one that's a mom, which is something I think she needs. Speaking of friends, that gay guy who's gathering info on the people in Jane's life is up to no good. I'm pretty sure he's writing a book about her life and will just change the characters' names around. What a bitch!

Rogelio's finished with his telenovela. I thought I missed an episode because I didn't know it was ending, but apparently they don't go on forever like the American soaps do, but Korean and Japanese don't either so I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, he pitched an idea to do a Spanish version of Mad Men and even though it wasn't supposed to be a comedy, everyone thinks it's comedy gold. Rogelio has done it again! This inspires Xiomara to pursue her singing career once again.

I didn't think this recap would be so long, but what do expect when so much time passes? Yet, it was so good and so well done that I don't mind to write it. Tonight will be the fall finale and people are already complaining how it will be one big commercial for Target, but I don't care. Someone has to display how crazy people get on Black Friday in America. People die! And seriously it's ruining Thanksgiving, so screw Black Friday and go enjoy the holiday the way it was intended--giving thanks to the people close in your life. Don't forget to watch tonight!


S1 E9
Patterson's boyfriend, David, noooooo! He just had to die by the end of the episode, but to be fair he was trolling pretty hard. I mean, anyone within a block could probably tell he was following that girl. If Patterson didn't feel alone before, she'll definitely start feeling it now.

Weller and Jane go undercover as Mr. and Mrs. Smith aka a married assassin couple. A guy self-named Rich DotCom (I agree with Zapata, dumbass name), stole 2,000 names off the witness protection list and was selling it to allow others access to it. The guy was a total douche reminded me of another guy in the movie Ex Machina (don't watch it, it has a horrible ending). There was a total douche in that movie too. In the end, the team takes down the douche and recover the list. I'll just add in there was a great fighting scene in there too.

Jane remembers that she used to be engaged to probably the tattoo of a tree guy, but she gave the ring back for some reason. Let's not forget about Jane's curiosity of Weller's past with actress Trieste Kelly Dunn's character (If you haven't watched her in Banshee, I highly suggest you do. Great show!), who tries to start with Weller again, but realizes he only has eyes for one girl, Jane.

Zapata was given an ultimatum of either planting a bug or probably her job and she decided against the former. Good for her! She would have just been dragged down the rabbit hole further.

Tonight is the fall finale. Don't forget to watch the #1 new show on television.

P.S. This was a nice way for Jaimie Alexander not to wear the tattoos and I will allow it because it was an awesome episode.

S1 E4
Mama is coming to town and you got to love mama when she's the original Supergirl. Supergirl has always had it easy when it came to her foster mother, but Alex always felt her brutal force even if it was something Supergirl did wrong and mama was not happy about Supergirl coming out of the closet.

During Thanksgiving dinner, Alex puts everything on the table and tells her mother her true job is to protect Supergirl and all humans. Her mother reacts less than pleasant, but that's only because Alex's father also used to work for DEO and Alex's mother thinks her father died of foul play. Now the sisters don't trust the DEO and will find out everything they can on how their father died.

The villain of the week used electricity and she only got her power because Supergirl tried to save her and got electrocuted while doing so and transferred the electrocution to the villain. But this villain really brought Kara and Cat closer together. She'll still treat Kara like shit, but at least now she knows about Kara's parents dying in a "fire". Is that what they call an explosion of a planet nowadays? Maybe Cat will start to groom her to follow in her footsteps.

In other news, Jimmy came back from his trip with Lucy Lane and Winn is grateful that he has Supergirl in his life, since his dead is all locked up in prison. I bet you his father is a major villain in the series.

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