Monday, November 23, 2015

Why I Quit Castle & The Blacklist

Hey People,

I did what the writers said. I waited and watched up to the 7th episode and if there was a pay off, I didn't see it. I don't even know what they were referring to. The sex scene seemed random and made no fucking sense. Let's take a time out from our time out just enough time to have sex, then it's time out again. If anything, the writers only proved that Beckett is a horny cop who likes to hit it and quit it.

Seriously, what did this episode explain? It didn't explain why Beckett thinks pushing away Castle is a good idea because it seems like in every episode, random ass people know that they're married so the whole keeping Castle at a distance for his safety is a bunch of bullshit. I can't believe the writers would think a sex scene would solve everything for us. To the naysayers, who are arguing that the whole point of Beckett's break from Castle is because she doesn't want him involved with the case still doesn't change the fact that his life is still in danger because she's still working the case and more importantly she chose the case over Castle. She didn't have to work the case. She didn't have keep Castle in the dark. She made all those decisions on her own and to me, I will never understand why the writers wrote Beckett like this.

I said that I wasn't afraid to stop watching Castle by the 7th episode if things didn't start making sense and I have decided that I will quit the show. Castle is still acting like a lost pup. I don't even know why he feels the need to win her back. It should totally be the other way around and I have no idea why other people aren't getting on Beckett for ruining her marriage. They should be just as befuddled as Castle is.

In the future, if anyone asks me if they should watch Castle, I'll tell them sure, but only seasons 1-7 or even better seasons 1-7 and take out any of the episodes that involved Castle's abduction because even that plot was worse than LokSat. It's just that LokSat has a greater impact than the abduction. Just act like the 8th season never happened, except for the the 5th episode. That shit was hilarious.

P.S. Nothing against the actress, but what's the point of Hayley? She's added nothing to show. Ugh, whatever. I'm done anyway.

The Blacklist
I said I didn't need to watch the fall finale to know I wasn't returning and I was right. I decided to to watch the finale and it was good. The show is getting better, the thing is I was having the same problem with this show last year. I didn't think it was worth coming back to, but I came back and I got an amazing season finale and I thought this season would be different that it would somehow change the dynamic of the show and it has in some ways. We still get numbers, but it doesn't automatically mean the FBI are going to arrest the person in the end. It could be someone that is going to help Red and Liz for the week. But I thought it would focus more on Red teaching Liz how to stay alive. Instead, she just follows him around like a puppy and I sometimes I even forget that she's there.

I swear, the only episodes worth watching are the premieres and the finales. Everything else is basically just filler and it shouldn't be like that. I want to enjoy watching an episode every week, but lately it's been feeling like a chore to me and I can do without it.

I compare The Blacklist to Blindspot because they both revolve around the same plot--mystery. We don't know the relationship between Red and Liz is and you would think he would have told her by now because I don't see the reason to hold that back any longer. If it was because of the Cabal that is long gone now since the Cabal has been exposed. So why not just tell the audience the reason? It's at the point of being ridiculous. If Blindspot was pulling the same stunt in its 3rd season I would be complaining about it too, but it's not. It's in it's 1st and unlike The Blacklist, I look forward to Blindspot every week, more so than I ever did for The Blacklist. It took 2 seasons to flesh out the characters on The Blacklist, while Blindspot did it in 9 episodes. You definitely didn't know anything about the other characters on TBL in 9 episodes.

What it really comes down to is my time is precious because I don't have as much time to watch as I used to (this is my hobby after all), but what I have come to realize is having such a limited amount of time each week has made me realize which shows I look forward to the most. The Blacklist is at the bottom of the list. Granted, if my time was more flexible, I would probably keep watching, but it is what it is. Bye, The Blacklist.

Luv ya,

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