Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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S1 E1
I haven't added it to my list yet, but we still don't know much about these characters. 

Halstead is a douche, which is sad because his brother is so cool. The pregnant girl's husband died in the military. The new guy is cool and cute looking guy. And everyone speaks Spanish.

As far as cases go, there was a train derailment. Someone got new lungs, a little girl and her father at another hospital were saved, and a surrogate and a baby was saved by the baby's parents by making the right decision to let doctors operate on her even though it would put the baby in jeopardy. 

All in all, it was an okay episode. Everything wrapped up in a bow so I'm hoping it won't be for tonight's episode.

S4 E6
Severide has been suspended. He definitely made the right decision during the car accident, but he shouldn't be surprised about what the Captain is doing. No one wants their underling to show them up. But the Captain has to know that this isn't going to sit well with his squad. He is nothing without his squad.

Dawson and Casey are taking it slow, while Chili and Jimmy are taking it really fast, which makes me think it's not going to last as long as I thought it was. Plus, we already know Chili doesn't want any type of relationship so it really doesn't matter anyway.

Boden is in some deep shit. A crazy bitch moved in next door and she's already set her sights on Boden. She's the type to beat the shit out of herself just to frame a guy. Really sickening and this is just the beginning.

Otis, Casey, Mouch, and Herrmann went to a concert, but because the tickets were for backstage seats, Casey, Otis, and Herrmann left early. Luckily for Mouch, the guy who they saved earlier in a fire told Mouch he gave them the wrong tickets and Mouch got to be up close and personal to the front stage.

P.S. I can't believe a woman threw herself and her baby off the roof. That bitch is crazy. 
P.P.S. Parents, remember to lock your guns and teach your kids to never touch such a thing in their life.

S1 E9
Brian wanted a headquarters and after nagging Naz
for weeks, she finally gives in, but only if he can complete what he said he could complete in 2 weeks and that is catching the top 10 most wanted.

I'm not going to even mention the silly name he came up with to call his team, but they do a fairly good job. 6 out of 10 guys caught and 1 found innocent of the crime he committed. Naz was so impress and so we're the people in DC that it is now an official task force.

Brian had his family over to his big huge apartment and his father wasn't impressed at all because he knows that Brian is keeping something from him. So Brian invites his father over and starts telling him about NZT. I bet his father is going to die in tonight's fall finale because Brian can't keep his mouth shut. There's always repercussions to our actions and this one may jeopardize someone's life. Just like in Spider-Man

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