Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Last Kingdom Review *Spoiler Free*

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It's been awhile since I've done a review and I thought I should do it on The Last Kingdom since I just binged watched it and was so captivated that I had to add it to my list. Let me explain.

Summary: Before England was England it was made of several kingdoms. Vikings took over one after the other until only one was standing. A boy who destined to become a lord ends up being taken by the Vikings and raised as one. Years later, he's being framed for killing his Viking family and his uncle who now rules the castle he was supposed to inherit wants him dead. What is the boy turned man supposed to do?

I was just checking out some new shows since I had a bit of time and I wasn't expecting to watch something that was so interesting. I binged one after the other. The show just started so I wasn't that far behind, but man was I upset when I caught up. I think I needed another period piece in my life because everything I'm watching currently is either modern or apocalyptic. I think this show will catch you off guard as it did me.

This show deals with religion as an important issue. The main character becomes known as the godless lord. Born into Christianity but raised as a pagan. All he sees is 2 sides of the same coin. The only problem is only one side of the coin can get his castle back from his uncle and so he has to abide by what that side says, which isn't easy for him to do.

Cast: All you need to know is Alexander Dreymon

Judgement: I wouldn't have written this short review if I thought it wasn't worth your time. Check out the pilot to see if the show sucks you in as it did to me.

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