Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Get Away With Murder...In The Worst Possible Way That You Might As Well Just Get Caught And Go To Jail

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Okay So I was binge watching the 2nd half of the season to catch up and as proof see below; however, I just watched the 11th episode and I'm just appalled and offended. First of all, let me start off by saying I always thought HTGAWM had a problem with their cases of the week. I thought that so much because it was the weakest part of the show. They must be consulting with the worst lawyers in the world because none of this shit would happen in real life. Now I know this is just a show, but damn they're not even trying to go for realistic. I'm no lawyer, but even I can tell when they're pulling things out of their ass just so Annalise can win and this case was the end for me.

Let's start from the beginning. It seemed sort of like a deposition but it wasn't because in wouldn't go on record. Sure, I'll buy it for now and I'll even buy the fact that the mother of the victim didn't want the killer to go to jail because she truly thought it was an accident, but when he finally did confess to actually murdering her son and then she still wanted him to go free is where I draw line. I don't care how much forgiveness you have in your soul that doesn't equate to freedom. This mother insulted her son when she legit blamed the system for killing her son. It's too easy to buy a gun. Of course it is and you could definitely make a case for that, but to not blame the guy at all for killing her son is just ridiculous to me. He killed her son. He thought about it, executed it, and then tried to cover up the fact afterwards. Yet she didn't blame him at all, but instead blamed the system and the fact that he didn't have parents in his life to teach him and right and wrong. That is just pathetic. A christian could make the same case that anyone who isn't religious was never taught the difference between right and wrong. Obviously, the murderer knew what he did was wrong, or he wouldn't have tried to hide it. OMG!

But then it gets worse, the prosecutors want to up the charge to murder one and put the death penalty on the line. This mother actually has the nerve to say to Annalise to do her job and get him free. Again, WHAT!? I would have taken the death penalty off the table if he confessed, but I just could not believe this case for a second. Then Annalise starts to defend him and she actually uses the race card. Let's stop the cycle, she says, of putting colored men behind bars. This has nothing to do with his color and has everything to do with the fact that he admitted he murdered that boy and everyone except the prosecutors are acting like the murderer is the victim in all this. WHAT THE FUCK!?

I'm sorry but I can't with this show anymore. They are just being ridiculous. I'm glad the guy got a sentence, but the way they went about it ruined the show for me and I'm done. I'm not going to lie to you folks. I couldn't even finish the episode. It's not like anything good is happening anyway. My favorite couple Bonnie and Asher aren't together, Wes continues to sulk, Nate is still useless, and Annalise is crazy as ever. The other characters have at least a story that's semi good or better, but that won't save this show for me.

I honestly don't give a shit what happened in the past. Just reveal what you did to Wes and his mother. This show started out exciting and flamed out. Let Viola Davis out of her contract so she can be on a good show like The Good Wife, but unlike TGW not have a bitch as the lead (yes, I'm still hating).

Bye HTGAWM! Your name was too long anyway.

It's been awhile since I've done a Thursday and I knew HTGAWM was back on, but I haven't had a chance to catch up until now. So here's a run down of the recaps. I didn't know I missed so many.

Usually the premieres are good, but I have to say this one was lacking for me. There was no real flash forward of a future event which is totally fine. I don't think they're necessarily needed anymore, but I thought this episode was lacking because nothing really happened. Annalise was off her meds, that's about it. Yea, you got some backstory, like Wes being withdrawn (again), Michaela no longer Caleb, finding out Asher went to the cops so they can investigate his father's suicide because he thinks his father wouldn't commit suicide, Laurel taking the blame of shooting Annalise when Wes did it, but that's about it. Everything else was a real waste of time.

Somehow Annalise talked Caleb into talking to Catherine to take the plea. I seriously don't know what she gets out of this except jail for 5 years. Annalise is still not Wes's mother, but she definitely knew Wes's mother and so far she's not telling him how.

I don't know people. If this show doesn't get good again I may have to end up dropping it, but this is only 1 of the many I have to catch up on so it's too early to call.

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