Sunday, February 28, 2016

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Hey People,

S6 E10
Even though it was a long time coming, I still screamed at the screen when I saw Michonne and Rick hooked up. It's about damn time if you ask me. Rick is starting to grow on me again since he's finally learning to trust people again.

Not much really happened this episode other than time passing a bit and us meeting a new character. First of all, when I heard there was a time jump I was thinking of more in the lines of Carl becoming an adult not just him getting over his eye issues. Can someone go find The Governor's body and get his eye patch. He can't walk with a bandage forever.

As for the new character, I already like him. He's got moves and he had a few chances to kill our heroes and he didn't. He's definitely hiding a few things and he definitely doesn't know the meaning of personal boundaries (man woke up Rick and Michonne in bed while they were naked, enough said), but for some reason I already like him.

In other news, Spencer killed his walker of a mother and Carl thinks of Michonne as family which is a good thing since she's going to be his step-mother.

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