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S3 E12, E13, & E14
So Stef really doesn't have cancer. She has precancerous cells. I say get the mastectomy and then get implants that way you don't have to worry about precancerous cells and you still have boobs. 

Please do not put Lexi and Jesus back together. No one needs that. Lexi and Mariana becoming friends again is bad enough. But it looks like Jesus is finding out another hobby and it's called speed racing. Too bad he doesn't even have a license yet.

Brandon and Callie aren't acting very friendly towards each other. Now they both think they're holding each other back. I don't trust that hoe Justina and I thought Brandon and the bartender would hook up and Brandon thought the same thing but it doesn't seem that will happen anymore. Good! I'm glad.

As for Mike, AJ and Ty didn't show up to their grandmother's funeral. How disrespectful is that? I hope they catch Ty, but that also means AJ would have to show up again and I just don't care to see him again. 

Looks like Stef is going to get the double mastectomy and her mom is going to stick around a little longer. I like her mom and who knew she chose a great guy as her partner, even though he's frickin' weird. It's easy to let a man go, but it's hard to get him to come back again. 

Jesus is working in construction with his father, but who knows if that's really his father. He is a cutie though. Omg I cannot stand Nick, Jesus's new friend. He is annoying as fuck. They get rid of AJ just to replace him for awhile with someone who is more annoying than he was.

Jude is still missing Connor and while I would like more for him to do instead of just moping around, I don't like his new friend. He is just trouble especially now that we know he's the one that's been catfishing Callie.

Brandon is putting on a play and for a second he thought his ex would be Juliet but it turns out Mariana will be the ex (not to Brandon of course) that will be playing Juliet. I thought they both sounded the same during auditions but whatever. I hate the fact that Mariana lost the election. Lexi sucks balls.

Callie help get AJ back, but she didn't like how Stef used her to get him back without telling her he would be arrested. Granted Stef lied and said AJ probably didn't know what Ty did, but AJ was sick of running anyway, so I think it worked out in the end. I just hope Mike and AJ can move past this and AJ can get adopted.

Stef feels like she won't be desired by Lena anymore after the surgery, but Lena explains that she'll always find her beautiful. I'm guessing Lena and Monte will go back to being friends again because Lena needs someone to talk to. Lets keep it G rated Monte.

Jesus reveals himself to his father and his father tells him it's illegal for him to be around Jesus. When Jesus finally told Mariana that he's been working with their bio father, she finds out at the end of the episode that he's a sex offender. Methinks him and Ana got together when Ana wasn't an adult and he was and he had to register. In other news with Mariana, she's going on a date with Nick the douchebag. She can do so much better. I'm just saying.

Jude and Callie wanted to help out Jude's friend and get him out of the home he's in now, but when he gained the upper hand at the place he's staying, he decided to stay. I think he's going to end up in the hospital in the future and I still don't trust Justina.

Callie went to go visit AJ's brother because AJ wouldn't let any of the Fosters see him and he asked the brother to let AJ have a family while he's in prison. I think this will work out in the end.

As for Brandon, he's still trying to get over Callie by hooking up with his coworker at the bar, but he just found out if you date her you'll also have to date her son as well. Good luck with that one Brandon.

S1 E12 & E13
It was Supergirl vs Supergirl aka Bizzaro and Supergirl won. Maxwell Lord is in jail, but we all know he'll get out somehow and Kara broke up with Adam the cutie. The sad part is I felt more chemistry with Kara and Adam than I do for Jimmy and Kara. I do not ship them at all. Jimmy confessing his love for Kara was just all kinds of awkward. I really hope I'm not the only one that feels this way.

Nothing else really happened this episode except for that bizzare ending with that plant attack. Winn is becoming the shit of the show. Leave the bottle and Cat is awesome. Maybe we should get the two most awesome people on the show together. I like this idea of Cat and Winn. I'm going to start the

At first, I thought this episode would be a filler, but it totally wasn't. Astra is dead! And unless Supergirl knows all she has to do is spin the world the opposite direction to go back in time (Superman joke if you didn't know), there is no way that girl is coming back. Non is pissed his girl is dead, but at least his plan whatever it is has already begun. Sad thing is Alex had to kill Astra and Kara doesn't know. She thinks Hank did it. I liked Hank's line of that's the difference between soldiers and heroes. Heroes think they can save everyone. Kind of true.

In other news, Winn and Kara are back to being friends, but I'm still shipping them.

P.S. The best lines of the night go to Hank with his involvement with Cat.

S2 E10 & E11
I totally feel Jane on this. Dating is so annoying. I'd rather skip it and just get to the relationship, but my friend called this a long time ago that Jane would hook up with her teacher. I'm still not a fan of the idea, but I know it's going to happen. At least Jane got the beginning of her thesis out of the way.

Rafael is still in love with Jane, but he also had a very nice moment with Petra. She's still scared of losing her babies to a miscarriage, but I don't think that will be the case this time. If they want to go dark, they could have only one of the twins surviving the birth. The names have been picked out and I really want to know what they were.

Rogelio was dealing with his mother by trying to make her happy again by making her his manager, but that didn't work. Who'd a thunk it? Rogelio's mother will just have to face the fact that she'll have to get used to being single again. She'll be alright. The good news is Rogelio's mother has finally accepted Xiomara as a good fit for her only son.

Michael found out he had the chip all along in his skin. How he put that together I will never know.

P.S. Are we ever going to find out what happened to Alba and the priest?
P.P.S. Stonewall Inn, who'd a thunk it?
P.P.P.S. OkCupid sucks which is why it's the old fashion way.

Jane lets Rogelio take care of Mateo which she's never done before. Too bad papa messed it up by letting the baby swallow a small diamond. Was I the only one that thought it was too small? I know he's broke but at some point I would just say, you know what buy for me when you can. There's a huge problem when Rogelio proposes. He wants more kids and Xiomara doesn't. This isn't a give or take situation and I can see it from both perspectives (her wanting to focus on her career now that her daughter is all grown up and him wanting to have a baby because he wasn't around for the first one). I think they're going to break up.

Jane also has a new love interest. I didn't see that one coming (see above). I'm still not a big fan, but whatever. I say let the girl be a single mother. She just got over 2 heavy relationships. Jane is the new Taylor Swift in my book.

Rafael and Petra are still have hotel issues, but it's nothing they can't handle. Love the new statue by the way. And Rafael is still not over Jane. Petra knows this and because she's in love with him she denied his advancement. Luisa was also denied by her detective because even she knows she's not over her great love Rose, which by the way she just found out is her stepmother/stepsister. This family that's all I have to say and yet I love Luisa more and more.

Luv ya,

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