Sunday, July 13, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (8)

Rumi: I feel like we never left this place.
Sakiko: Oh don’t feel so gloomy. I had a good break.
Rumi: I don’t know how you can say that when all you did was play hide and seek.
Sakiko: What?
Rumi: Itoe and Natsue would hide from you and you would seek them out.
Sakiko: grr…
Rumi: What next, are you going to stop using words too?
Sakiko: You’re in a bad mood today. What’s wrong with you?
Rumi: Sorry.
Sakiko: Oh I get it, you’re scared because today’s the day we find out our ranking. Don’t worry I bet you’ll get a good number.
Rumi: I’m not too sure anymore. I didn’t expect every student here to be so smart. I’ll be lucky to make it in the top half.
Sakiko: What? Were we supposed to be dumb or something?
Rumi: No, I just feel like I’m not on the same level as all of you.
Sakiko: Trust me. You’ll do fine. Have some faith in you. I do.
Rumi: You only have faith in me because you want me to beat Megumi.
Sakiko: Well why can’t I have faith in you for both reasons? The point is I have faith in you and you should too.
Rumi: Ugh, you’re right. I’m just nervous. Why aren’t they posted yet?
Sakiko: Because if they posted it in the morning, then the senseis would have to deal with all the girls that didn’t get the rank that they wanted. And there will be a lot of tears and sobbing and some might get a little crazy and I know if I don’t get the rank that I want, I’ll be in the crazy pile.
Rumi: Wow!
Sakiko: Yea, senseis don’t want to deal with it so they post it at the end of the day and let the parents deal with it instead. Pretty smart of them.
Rumi:  So I guess I’ll just have to wait until the day is over to see what my fate will be.
Sakiko: Well, there is still time for you to score some points with Kimiko before then.
Rumi: Yea? Well I can’t do that.
Sakiko: Why not?
Rumi: I just can’t.
Sakiko: Not again? Not this whole “I’m not worthy of her,” thing again. I thought we were passed this.
Rumi: I am. I just can’t for other reasons.
Sakiko: What reasons?
Rumi: Forget it. How about you?
Sakiko: I will be fine. I have nothing to worry about when it comes to my grades.
Rumi: I meant with Natsue because you’re the one that needs score some points in that category.
Sakiko: I am fine. I know I’m fine; at least that’s what I think to myself. Hey isn’t that Anika walking over here? Now why would she be doing that?
Rumi: Sakiko!
Anika: Hello Master Rumi, and Master Sakiko.
Rumi: Hello Anika.
Sakiko: What are you doing here?
Rumi: Sakiko, where are your manners? Anika, why don’t you sit with us?
Anika: I can’t do that.
Sakiko: How long have you been here? Have you never thought why Servants don’t sit with Masters for lunch?
Rumi: Yes I noticed but I always thought Servants and Masters don’t really associate with each other since we’re in different classes and everything.
Sakiko: No! Ugh, it’s because we can’t. Trust me I would be associating with all the Servants if I could.
Anika: It’s understandable Master Rumi to think that way. Anyway I came over here to tell Master Rumi that no matter what happens this afternoon, I’ll be on your side. No matter what.
Rumi: I don’t know what to say.
Anika: You don’t have to say anything. I just wanted to let you know.
Sakiko: Well now we know so you can go.
Anika: As you wish Master Sakiko.
Rumi: Thank you, Anika.


Sakiko: Come out of the bathroom!
Rumi: No!
Sakiko: Rumi! I know you are upset—
Rumi: Upset!? Upset!? That word doesn’t even describe what I feel right now. I am furious!
Sakiko: I understand—
Rumi: How can you understand? You ranked #22! So do not tell me that you understand what I’m going through.
Sakiko: It’s still far from the number #1 position though and what’s worse than that is Itoe is beating me. I don’t know how since she was never that smart in grade school.
Rumi: Yea, but she is only beating you by one position you can easily overcome that. I have no chance whatsoever to catch up to anyone.
Sakiko: It is not that bad! There is still time for you to fix this!
Rumi: I doubt that!
Sakiko: Listen, it will only get harder from here.
Rumi: That’s reassuring.
Sakiko: But if you start to do well while everyone doesn’t then there is still a chance.
Rumi: What are the odds of that happening?!
Sakiko: Either way you have to get out of that stall and face it.
Megumi: Yea come out and face it, Rumi!
Sakiko: What are you doing here Megumi?
Megumi: Aren’t I allowed to use the restroom? Or is this the Servants’ bathroom that I have walked in? I can’t tell and you two being here isn’t helping me figuring it out.
Sakiko: This is neither the time nor the place for me to hear your annoying voice. I got enough of that during grade school.
Megumi: I have every right to be in here. Unlike you two, I actually have to pee and I don’t need the stress that you give me to do it.
Sakiko: Megumi, no one wants you anywhere, not even in this bathroom. You should be used to that feeling by now, right?
Megumi: The only feeling that I feel at this moment is the pressure I feel in my bladder. Move your blocking the stall.
Sakiko: And what if I don’t?
Rumi: Sakiko just move.
Megumi: Oh I don’t need someone who ranks— oh so you finally came out of the stall.
Rumi: Let me guess, you were going to say that you don’t need someone who ranks 49th to defend you.
Megumi: Took the words right out of my mouth. You see before this eventful day happened, I will admit, I was convinced that you would be the girl to stop Kimiko and me from becoming the One True Pair. But now, I know I have nothing to fear. It was all in my head. Oh and those threats you made before mean absolutely nothing now. I can do absolutely anything to her. And I mean anything.
Rumi: Don’t you dare lay a finger on her.
Megumi: Well that’s not up to you now is it? You see I think a Master should know her Servant as much as anyone else. A Master should know her inside and out and I would love to know Kimiko as much as possible.
Sakiko: You are out of line Megumi.
Megumi: Maybe. But it’s not that much fun to have a Servant and you can’t cross the line every once in a while.
Rumi: You can forget about our little agreement before because I will stop you.
Megumi: It’s too late for you to stop me. You know what? I don’t think I need to use that bathroom anymore.
Rumi: You never needed to.
Megumi: You always know when I’m lying. I heard you sobbing from outside and I just had to come in here and witness it for myself.
Rumi: Satisfied?
Megumi: Immensely.  
Rumi: Good! Because this will be the last time you will ever see me with tears in my eyes. So enjoy it now while you can because next time it will be you hiding them. Let’s go Sakiko. We’re done here.
Sakiko: I can’t believe that just happened. I have never seen Megumi so aggressive before. Even I can’t succeed to that level and trust me I’ve tried.
Rumi: I’m sorry you had to witness that.
Sakiko: Are you kidding me? I should be thanking you. I thought I was the only person who could stand against her, but you’re a way better competitor than I ever was.
Rumi: That’s just it. It’s not a competition to me. It’s about Kimiko and she deserves a better Master than Megumi.
Sakiko: Like you?
Rumi: Yes!
Sakiko: I’m glad you finally admitted it because you do deserve to be with her.
Rumi: But how do I do that? She ranked 1st out of all servants and I’m number 49.
Sakiko: For starters, think more positively. You’re in the top half.
Rumi: The top half starts at 50.
Sakiko: Yea and you bested 51 of those students already. It is only a number, it doesn’t define you.
Rumi: Isn’t that the opposite of what you said before?
Sakiko: Yea, but that was before and this is now.
Rumi: What’s the difference?
Sakiko: The difference is you know who you want now.
Rumi: Yea. So how am I going to get her?
Sakiko: I can only think so far in advance.
Rumi: Funny, your conspiracies are boundless.

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