Saturday, July 12, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (7)

Rumi: Just one more block.
Anika: How did you hear about this place?
Rumi: Sakiko told me about it. I haven’t been yet but I thought maybe today was a good day to start. Oh, I should have asked if you were okay with it. I’m sorry, I just assumed.
Anika: It’s okay. As long as we sit at the same table I don’t mind.
Rumi: Why wouldn’t we sit at the same table?
Anika: I have a confession to make.
Sakiko: Rumi?
Rumi: Sakiko? What are you doing here?
Sakiko: Rumi, I need your help.
Rumi: Nononono! No Way! I already don’t like your conspiracy theories, now why would I want to be a part of one?
Sakiko: Aw c’mon Rumi, pleeeeeease! I really need your help. These two have been talking to each other all day and I can’t get a word in.
Rumi: Well that’s what happens when you invite yourself out when you’re not invited in the first place.
Sakiko: I couldn’t let her have the edge over me.
Rumi: I don’t get it. It doesn’t seem like they’re talking.
Sakiko: That’s how it’s been all day. That’s what they want you to think. Watch this. Hey Natsue!
Sakiko: Natsue!
Natsue: Oh! I’m sorry Master Sakiko. Master Itoe was telling me an interesting story about her childhood.
Sakiko: Its fine, Natsue. Please continue on with your interesting story Itoe. I would love to hear more. Or any of it really. Now will you help me?
Rumi: I would love to help you Sakiko but I can’t.
Sakiko: Why not?
Rumi: As you can see I have someone I should be talking to also.
Sakiko: What is she doing here?
Rumi: Sakiko, you already knew about this.
Sakiko: Yes, but I thought you weren’t going to go. So that’s why you’re here. Of all the places to choose from, you had to bring her to my restaurant.
Rumi: Your restaurant?
Sakiko: Yes… no… you know what I mean. How could you forget our promise so easily?
Rumi: I didn’t forget. It’s just that maybe you’re first instincts were right. I don’t have a chance with her. I only talked with her once and when I did, I didn’t even know it was her. She probably thinks I’m a pervert or even worse since Megumi must be whispering in her ear all these lies about me. It’s too late. I don’t have a chance with her anymore.
Kimi: I wouldn’t say that.
Rumi: Sakiko.
Sakiko: Yes?
Rumi: How long has she been standing there?
Sakiko: I don’t know. I didn’t notice her either. Trust me; I would have tried to stop you from talking if I knew.
Megumi: We can still hear you, morons. Come on Kimiko; let’s go somewhere more elite, a place where they don’t just let anyone in the door.
Sakiko: Anyone, huh? Well I rather be that than be in the same category as you.
Megumi: Hahahaha!
Sakiko: The crazy ones always laugh for no reason. What’s so funny?
Megumi: Haha… your joke is amusing. To think that you can compare yourself to me is just too funny.
Sakiko: That’s it. What the—
Natsue: Master Sakiko, I cannot allow you to pass.
Sakiko: Why not?
Natsue: Master Itoe told me to stop you.
Sakiko: Natsue, move!
Natsue: I’m sorry but I agree with Master Itoe. I will not move.
Megumi: This just keeps on getting better. A Servant who doesn’t listen to your commands, I pity you.
Sakiko: I don’t want your pity, nor need it.
Megumi: Well I think you do. Look at yourself. You’re fighting for a Servant who has clearly chosen the Master she wants and actually listens to and you’re competing against Itoe that by itself is pitiful.
Itoe: grr…
Sakiko: No Itoe, this is my fight.
Rumi: This is no one’s fight. There shouldn’t even be a fight.
Sakiko: You know what I was wrong. This isn’t my fight. It’s Rumi’s. Even though it started before she came here, she’ll be the one to finish it.
Megumi: What is that suppose to mean?
Sakiko: You were her back up. You didn’t know? Well as your friend let me tell you the bad news. Kimiko asked Rumi before she agreed to go with you. If Rumi didn’t have a Servant for today already, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now because you wouldn’t be here.
Megumi: You’re lying.
Sakiko: Am I? Why don’t you ask your Servant and I use the word “your” very loosely.
Megumi: I don’t need to. I know it’s not true, right Kimiko?
Megumi: Kimiko?
Kimi: Master Sakiko is not lying.
Megumi: What?
Kimi: I know Master Megumi would never apologize to Master Rumi, so I was going to do it for you in person. That’s why I asked her, but now I wonder if coming here with you was the right decision. I have never seen you act this way before and I don’t like it. I apologize Master Sakiko, Master Itoe, and Master Rumi for Master Megumi’s behavior. We shall take our leave now.
Sakiko: Now that is what I call pitiful, having your Servant apologize for you.
Rumi: Sakiko!
Megumi: No, she’s right. I’m sorry Sakiko. I shouldn’t have said those things about you. We used to be friends and I would like to be that again. And for you two, I would like to become friends and put this behind us.
Sakiko: Wow! I thought I would never hear those words.
Megumi: Yea well if Kimiko doesn’t like this side of me, then I am willing to change for her. She’s the only Servant I want and when the time comes I want her to be proud that she calls me Master. How about we all go inside and start fresh, my treat.
Sakiko: Always flaunting her money.
Rumi: Sakiko!
Sakiko: If you’re paying sure. I’ll just order the most expensive thing on the menu. Let’s go in Natsue.
Natsue: Wait, Master Itoe wants me to tell Master Megumi something.
Megumi: It’s amazing you can understand the thing—I mean Itoe.
Natsue: Master Itoe says, “I’m watching you.” The evil eyes were something I did extra.
Megumi: Good to know.
Kimi: I’m proud of you, Master Megumi.
Megumi: I want you to be. Let’s head inside.
Rumi: We’re the last ones out here. C’mon let’s go in.
Anika: Before we do can I ask you something?
Rumi: Never hesitate to ask me a question.
Anika: I already knew that you wanted Kimiko as your Servant but I need to know. If you had an opportunity to be with her today, then why aren’t you?
Rumi: You’re right I could have been, but I made plans with you first. Besides, this day has been fun so far, well at least up to this part. I don’t regret choosing you.
Anika: And I don’t regret asking you. Let’s go in now.
Rumi: Okay… wait wasn’t there something you wanted to tell me before?
Sakiko: What is taking you two so long to come inside? Let’s go. Oh and make sure you order something really expensive and ask for seconds and maybe even thirds.
Rumi: We’ll be there in a minute.
Sakiko: We’ll be waiting.
Anika: Yes there was, but I’ll tell you another time.
Rumi: Okay but don’t wait too long.
Anika: I’ll try to find the perfect moment.


Sakiko: I am stuffed.
Megumi: Well you should be. You ate for two maybe even three.
Sakiko: Well usually I wouldn’t, but it was a special occasion. You know the fact that you were paying and all.
Megumi: Oh no, I can’t find my cell phone.
Kimi: I’ll go back inside to check for you.
Megumi: No that’s okay. Rumi, would you mind helping me to find it instead?
Rumi: Not at all. I’ll be right back Anika.
Anika: I’ll be waiting Master Rumi.
Rumi: So let’s check where we were sitting first.
Megumi: That’s not necessary. I didn’t ask you to help me look for a stupid phone that I can replace in matter of seconds. I asked you to help me because I needed to tell you something.
Rumi: I already know about your lies. The apologizes you said, I know you didn't mean them.
Megumi: You’re right I didn’t, but there was also something else I wanted to say. If you go near Kimiko again or even have the slightest gesture towards her, you are finished. Do you understand me?
Rumi: You don’t deserve a Servant like her.
Megumi: And neither do you. At least, I’m more qualified. The Servant you have today is more of your level. I suggest you focus on her instead of Kimiko who is far from your reach.
Rumi: I think we’re finished here, but just to let you know, if I hear anything about you not treating her right. I will pursue her and I will become her Master.

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