Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Under the Dome S2 E3

Dear Diary,

What is up with this? I had to register to be a citizen in a place that I was already a citizen. This makes no sense. You know what else doesn't make sense? Raining blood red. I did say I was about to go Red Dome in this place in the last entry, but I didn't think it was seriously going to happen. I saw it burn a couple people. If no one's going to say it, then I guess I will. What the f*** is going on here? More importantly, who the hell uses Windows 8?

So I met the barber today, which I guess I've never seen because I'm a girl. But let's be honest, there are a bunch of people who are randomly showing up doing bad things and it's not as fun than if it were someone I knew for more than 2 seconds. Not that I want my friends to be killers, but it would make them more interesting.

It seems like everyone can be put into categories. Either they're becoming a reverend type, Big Jim type, or the The Dome is here to protect us type. I, myself, think I'm in another category called I think everyone is going bat sh*t crazy type.

I just overheard that there might be a Hunger Games situation going on soon. If I'm chosen, I'm screwed. But then again, maybe I should think of it as a blessing because then I wouldn't be stuck in the Dome anymore aka no more journal entries, which is looking more likely with each passing entry.

Luv ya,

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