Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (9)

Sakiko: Why couldn’t we have met at my house?
Rumi: Because my house is closer so it made sense to come here.
Sakiko: Yea but I keep feeling as if I left something behind. You never know what may come your way in those woods.
Rumi: Like what?
Sakiko: I heard some scary tales about that place. Like ghosts.
Rumi: Ghosts?
Sakiko: Yes ghosts. You know the ones that are spirits of others, who have moved on.
Rumi: I know what a ghost is.
Sakiko: Well obviously you have never seen one because if you did, you would not want to go into those woods.
Rumi: So you have seen one then?
Sakiko: No, but I know people that know these other people and they say that they’ve seen them on this trip. That’s enough proof for me. I’ve been dreading this trip ever since I came to this school.
Rumi: I think you’re making too much out of this.
Sakiko: Yea well you won’t be saying that when you actually see one tonight.
Rumi: I won’t?
Sakiko: No, you won’t instead you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs heading in the opposite direction never to be seen from again.
Rumi: And why’s that?
Sakiko: Others seeing ghosts may not be enough proof for you, but people getting lost in those woods are a fact.
Rumi: If you’re so worried about getting lost, then just hang out with me. I have a good sense of direction; I never get lost.
Sakiko: You say that now…
Rumi: So other than heading into this mysterious forest, what else do we do on this trip?
Sakiko: Hmm… honestly, it’s just another way for you to get know your Servant, except this time you’re paired with the one you’re ranked with.
Rumi: Then I guess I am paired with Akimoto Haya. I don’t know anything about her though.
Sakiko: That’s the whole point of this trip to get to know her.
Rumi: So who are you paired with?
Sakiko: I forget her name.
Rumi: Well you should find out before you meet her. You don’t want to give her the wrong impression.
Sakiko: I don’t need to because by the end of the day, I will be with Natsue.
Rumi: Wait, I thought Natsue and Itoe ranked 21st.
Sakiko: They did.
Rumi: Then how are you paired with Natsue?
Sakiko: I’m not, but I have a plan.
Rumi: Sakiko, this will not end well.
Sakiko: How do you know? I haven’t even done anything yet.
Rumi: Because I know you and anytime you plan something involving those two, it never works out and you always end up being the third wheel. Besides, you’ll just end up leaving your pair all alone.
Sakiko: Don’t worry, my plan cannot go wrong. I made sure of it this time. So what about you and Kimiko?
Rumi: What about me and Kimiko?
Sakiko: Well aren’t you going to try talking to her on the trip?
Rumi: Maybe.
Sakiko: See, even you have a plan.
Rumi: But I really don’t. I was just hoping for a run in with her. I won’t leave my pair alone.
Sakiko: Stop trying to guilt trip me.
Rumi: I’m not. I just want you to see the consequences of your actions.
Sakiko: And I’m trying to secure my future by having Natsue by my side. Why can’t you understand that?
Rumi: To be honest, I don’t think you have a chance with her.
Sakiko: Really?
Rumi: Yes and it has nothing to do with ranking or grades or anything like that. I feel like her connection with Itoe is a stronger one.
Sakiko: When it came to you and Kimiko, I believed in you when you didn’t even believe in yourself. I wish you would do the same for me, but I guess I’m asking too much of a friend. I think I’ll take my leave now and meet you over there.
Rumi: Don’t go Sakiko. I didn’t mean to—
Sakiko: Don’t! You obviously thought this way for a while.
Rumi: Will I see you there?
Sakiko: ... (leaves)
Rumi: Me and my big mouth, I should have just kept it to myself.

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