Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hey Everyone,

So I got a question from a reader about how they can keep up with the updates of my blog and as you can see, the format has changed a bit since the last time you visited (unless you're new to which I say "Welcome").

Now you can follow by email or by other methods. This blog is still a work in progress so I may change a few things here and there but the follow by email will always be available on the page (currently on the right side of your screen). I'll let you know you if anything else changes.

There will be another diary entry for Extant since I'm in love with Halle Berry like many other human beings and as of right now, I will continue Under the Dome. I'm not a huge fan of this season though, but it is the summer and there's not that much I watch so it wins by default.

Come this fall there will be many shows that get a diary so keep a look out for that.
Until next time...

Luv ya,

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