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Finding Carter Season 1 Review

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During the earlier days of this site, I wrote a review for Finding Carter and now it's been 3 months and so much has happened since then with this site and the show. Well since this is a review for the show, I'll just stick to what has happened with that. Let's begin.

The 5 Stages of Carter

Denial- Carter denies the fact that her mother is not her mother and that this can't be happening to her. She ends up in a place that is unknown to her, but is known to everyone else as home.

Anger- Carter rejects her biological mother by calling her Elizabeth instead of mom and a lot of animosity is built up towards her bio mother. At one point there is a tit for tat to see who can control whom. However, she accepts her father, sister and brother because she never had any of those before.

Bargaining- Carter bargains with her father about staying with Elizabeth and in return he can write the book he's already been writing unknown to her.

Depression- Carter realizes that her farther has been writing the book all along and on top of that he lied about a meeting with her mom. She feels like she can't trust her real parents and goes off with Crash on an adventure.

Acceptance- Carter realizes Crash is a danger to others and she also realizes her kidnapper mom is indeed a crazy lady. Also one of the best moments of the show, she calls Elizabeth her mom.

Finding Carter caught me off guard. I didn't expect this show to be as good as it is, especially since it's on MTV. Carter has changed from an annoying character (to which I know some of you thought she was and sometimes even me) to a girl you feel is stuck in crossfires of a war that apparently begun before she was born. She is the victim not once, but twice. I mean seriously it really speaks volumes when your "mother" drugs you.

Elizabeth has to be my favorite character without a doubt. My favorite moments were with her and Carter when they weren't fighting. Usually when I watch a show, my favorite moments are associated with my favorite couple, but my favorite relationship has never been a mother-daughter relationship. There is a first for everything and I seriously watch this show for those moments. However, some of the worst moments involve Elizabeth being a cop. I swear those detectives over there should be all fired. They make The Following cops look like geniuses.

I also watch this show for my favorite couple, who could also possibly be one of the cutest couples on TV right now. You know exactly the couple I'm talking about--Maylor. From the first time they made croutons to those last moment at the hospital, they have been amazing to watch as their relationship grew. Max being the fan favorite. Who would have guessed, this stoner would say the most true and wisest things on the show. Many would like Alex Saxon who plays Max to return as a regular and I second this motion as well. I wouldn't quit the show if he didn't like some people are suggesting, but it definitely wouldn't be the same.

I still hate David from the beginning until now and I will continue to do so until he comes out with the truth. He's been lying from the very beginning about the book and about his relationship with Lori. Until he starts speaking the truth, I will never like David as a character. H*ll, I wouldn't even be surprised if he was in on it the whole time. I doubt it, but hey it could happen.

Grant is still a ghost to everyone including Carter at times when she's caught up in her delusions of Crash. But he did get a girlfriend so that was a plus. I just hope Elizabeth keeps her word about being there for him, but I doubt that will hold now that Carter has been kidnapped again. I'm worried Elizabeth will have a breakdown.

As for Carter's friends (Gabe, Ofe, and Bird), I really don't know why she's friends with them to be honest. Gabe just wanted Carter, but quickly switched to Taylor when he found out how good of a kisser she is. Bird sent the girl to jail, enough said. If a friend did that to me, I don't think I would acknowledge their existence and this is the 2nd time Carter had to forgive her over something. To me, Bird is not worth the headache. However, I'm still intrigued with Bird's drawing and would like to know more about her being a rape victim. With Ofe, I'm not even sure they really are friends. I'm trying to picture Ofe and Carter in a room alone. What would they talk about is beyond me.


So there is a couple of theories out there as to why Lori took Carter and what her connection is to David. Most people agree that David and Lori were probably having an affair, which explains why Lori has that horribly photoshopped picture of David practically naked in bed. Before, I would have suggested maybe she sneaked into their home and took the picture because she's a creep like that but since that phone call between Lori and David, something tells me that's not the case. As for why Lori took Carter there are a lot of speculations. Some people say she was the surrogate mother who lent her egg to Elizabeth and felt the right to take what's hers once the affair ended. There's another theory that Lori became pregnant by David and David didn't want to ruin his marriage so he made her get an abortion or she miscarried (either way lost the baby), which led to her going nuts and compensated herself by stealing Carter. Some people just think Lori (may be even a psycho fan of David) is nuts and that she just stole Carter (the twin that most resembled Lori) end of story.

Some people discredit these ideas just because David wanted Elizabeth to arrest Lori during the scene of the phone call. When Lori would have been obtained she would have just told Elizabeth about the affair with David. So you ask yourself, why would he want Lori to get caught if she would have told everyone the truth about their affair? It doesn't make sense for David to help Lori get caught if the bones from his closet come out as well. However, you could totally discredit this explanation by stating maybe David would have just lied and since Lori isn't a creditable person, no one would have believed her or maybe even David knew that Elizabeth wouldn't arrest her. Someone also discredited the idea of the egg donor because of David saying that he would have married Elizabeth anyway if she didn't get pregnant (it might have been said, I just can't remember) suggesting that Elizabeth had no fertility issues.

There are more theories, but some of them I think are so ridiculous that I didn't even bother talking about them. I like to keep my theory simple: Lori got pregnant by David lost the baby and took one of Elizabeth's or she just took one because she's crazy and jealous and wanted to start a family of her own while simultaneously hurting David for ending their affair. Either way, David had an affair with Lori.

No matter what, I can't wait for next season.

Luv ya,

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