Friday, September 19, 2014

Red Band Society Pilot Review

Hey People,

Okay I must admit halfway through this show, I was already saying I was going to dump it from my list, but as I continued to watch, I changed my mind. Let me explain.

Summary: Sick kids = Hospital. That's really all you need to know.

OMG did I hate heartless girl at the beginning. I mean seriously girl was getting on my nerve. I was saying to myself that the writers gave you no good characteristics at all. I mean even when she found out she was going to need a heart, I was like oh great she's just b*tch about this now. Did I end up liking her in the end? No, but at least she became more tolerable.

Coma boy (I feel like I'm going to hell for not learning their names and just calling them by their admission to the hospital, but...oh well), I really don't like that he's the narrator. I actually wish Octavia's character should have been the voice since she's listening on everyone's conversation anyway. I was hoping that Coma boy would have woken up by the smell of pizza, but I guess not. If this season does continue and that's a big IF since the premier numbers are not that great, hopefully he will wake up.

Lung boy, ugh. I really don't know what to say about him. He annoys me to no end. Actually he's at the bottom of the list of characters on this show for me. I don't know what it was (maybe I was just so offended by what he did to that muffin nurse), but I just did not like him for some reason.

I barely got to know legless boy (I need to come up with another name for him since there will be 2 of them). I get the feeling that this show skipped some key parts and was moving a little bit too fast. Same with anorexic girl, but I do like her with the soon-to-be legless boy. They make a cute couple.

Octavia Spencer (The Help) and Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) are the only actors that I know and wish I saw more of them in the premier, but then again the show isn't about them. I also know that some people didn't like the some child actors. I thought they were fine and I usually hate child actors.

I feel like this show is riding on the wave of Fault with Our Stars (I love that movie), which people have mentioned and I would agree, but it definitely is more lighthearted. So if you read this far you might think I hated it and I did in the beginning. I seriously thought this was Glee, but without the singing because the characters were so bland, but as I kept watching, I realized I wanted to know what happened to these kids. I had to admit, I cared what happened. It's no The Breakfast Club, but maybe it can be something of its own one day.

Judgement: I will keep on watching, but it doesn't get the season pass from me.

Diary: I'm not even sure this show will make it to a whole season and since I'm watching episode by episode, no diary from me.

Luv ya,

P.S. Did they name the Doc McAndrew just for the Mc? Damn you Grey's Anatomy!

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