Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Recap

Hey People,

Here's your 2nd chance Madam Secretary and I wonder will happen to Cary on The Good Wife. Here's to the new show in the group Resurrection that premieres tonight.

Okay maybe I do have bad memory because I totally forgot about this show and it's a really good show. I binged through it in the summer and thought it was pretty decent. Not many shows survive a series premiere in the spring.

As I recall, a bunch of people come out of nowhere who have resurrected from the dead and the military started to round them. We also found out Bellamy is the same boy a returned family was looking for. Does this mean he died with them or is he the only one that survived? Apparently, this poster on the left is stating the former rather than the latter, but maybe it's supposed to be misleading.

Anyway, we'll see what will happen in this show tonight. I'm glad I get the chance to watch it live this time. Well, at least during the same week as it airs (The Good Wife shares the same time slot).

Luv ya,

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