Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Good Wife S6 E1 Review

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There's a lot that happens in this episode, so let's get to it.

This show picks up right where it left off with Eli asking Alicia to run for State's Attorney. I knew this day would come and I'll be waiting for the day when she does say yes, because let's face it, Alicia is a political woman, whether she likes it or not. Now I have read comments during the season 5 finale that people thought it was a bad idea for Alicia to go into politics because that contradicts everything she stands for. Alicia hates politics and what it has done to her family. Why would it make sense for her to go into something she hates so much?

At first I agreed with it, but then I remembered that this isn't the same Alicia we first met. First season Alicia would have never pulled a stunt like that last season. She was too timid, too financially unstable. But now, well that's another story. Alicia takes risks and only looks for the outcome that satisfies her needs and she cares even less about what other people think now. In my opinion, I think she will take that job eventually.

Oh Cary, there is something I dislike about him, but simultaneously I just feel bad for him. So a lot of controversy about this episode is about Cary, who the episode centers around. This is unprecedented. Some people think Cary is a weak character and therefore didn't like the fact it was centered around him. Others think that Cary was due to be an actual main character since he's been in the background for far too long. I tend to agree with the latter; however I do agree that out of all the main characters on the show, Cary is my least favorite, but that's more because of the choices he makes than his characteristics. I'm still a little bit upset over what he did in the season finale.

Speaking of the choices Cary makes, why is he still after Kalinda? After everything he knows about her using him for information, he still tries. Man, just move on. Kalinda can't be that great in the sack. I'm hoping that Cary and Robyn happen because obviously Robyn cares for him a lot to offer that much money for his release.

Now let's talk about what Diane said. "We have a chance to make one of the largest firms in the country run by women." I was happy when I heard that, but my father was not and I think my mother felt the same way, but I think we looked at it from two different perspectives. I thought the comment was a feminist viewpoint, but my parents perceived it as a way to push Cary out. Now will that happen? I doubt Alicia and Diane would do such a thing, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't out vote him and now knowing the extreme measures Cary takes (aka going behind people's backs), I think Cary could become a new David Lee of his firm. I love how you have to use David Lee's full name or no one will know who you're talking about.

I remember being shocked last season when Florrick & Agos accepted Bishop as one of their clients. I know they needed money and he does bring a lot of it, but I remember when there was a time Alicia was skeptical representing a drug dealer. Got to love the Kings for writing the concept of what happens when you represent a drug dealer. Kalinda is not scared of anyone except for Bishop, which is quite interesting to see.

I do love that Finn is working the Cary case. He is a fair man and I love the comment that he made to Alicia that he didn't want to go to trial against her. However because of his past, he may be more harsher on Cary. Now there is a good theory spreading around that Carey and Cary were mixed up and it wasn't Agos on the recorder, but Zepps. By the next episode we should know the answer to that since Kalinda heard the recording and can confirm it, but even so that's still one of the firm's partners still going to jail. I guess if you aren't a main, you just don't count.

I saw another comment about how they wish the show was more focused on cases. I just want to say, I would not be watching this show if it was a procedural. This show would not be winning any awards, if it was a procedural. This show wouldn't be as good, if it was a procedural.

But one thing is for certain, this season premiere was an eye opener that no one saw coming.

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