Friday, October 10, 2014

Extant & Under the Dome Renewed!?

Hey People,

What? Extant got renewed? I can understand Under the Dome, even though last season was so bad that I quit watching, but I knew some people stuck around, but Extant that I just don't understand.

Okay, so i just read up on it and it turns out that Extant was renewed because of a deal with Amazon to stream the show. Amazon, if you want to stream a show, choose a good one. There are so many other shows you can help save, this isn't one of them.

But what's done is done and Extant and Under the Dome will both be back for the summer; however, I will not be. I could only take so much. If I'm extremely bored because I caught up with all my shows then maybe, maybe I'll watch. But I would have to be bored out of mind (this includes not wanting to play video games or read).

Congratulations on being renewed Under the Dome and Extant. Trust me when I say, "No one saw this coming."

Luv ya,

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