Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gracepoint Pilot Review

Hey People,

So I just finished Gracepoint, which I just found out is the same show as Broadchurch on the BBC. I think I remember the advertisement for Broadchurch but never watched it. If you're thinking if the show is going to be the same, then why watch, then let me tell you the ending will be different for the American version. I have no idea who did it in Broadchurch, but all I know is they're are not going to be the one this time around. Had to drop that fact first. So let me explain why I like this show.

Summary: A boy gets killed in a small town and one of the characters did it. You just don't know which one.

Let me also say, this is a miniseries. It will only have 10 episodes and that's it, so don't worry about cancellation because it'll run it's course.

I wasn't expecting this show to be so personal. I guess I always expect a show to be a little bit of a procedural, but Gracepoint doesn't do that at all. This show will center around characters and I love shows that do that. Like I said, it makes things more personal and to me, I think it will be fun to guess who did it. I'm guess Tom the dead boy's friend didn't do it just because they're hinting at him in the beginning #redherring.

Cast: This is interesting. So apparently some of the actors in Braodchurch are also in Gracepoint I'm not sure if they're playing the same characters, but I think that's kind of funny. You have David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch), Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad--I still need to watch that), Kevin Zegers (Gossip Girl), Jessica Lucas (Life as We Know It, Cloverfield), and Sarah-Jane Potts (Sugar Rush, Broadchurch) are some of the few that I know.

Judgement: I say watch it. It's only 10 episodes and you know it's going to end properly and not get cancelled.

Diary:  No Diary.

Luv ya,

P.S. The acting is phenomenal. Had me crying already.

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