Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Recap

Hey People,

It's kind of horrible that all the shows that I watch on Tuesday are all on at the same time.

If old men can look like that at the age of 60, then I need to start dating men older than my father.

Henry and Martinez help solve the case of old people dying of brain damage due to the brain ageing faster than the person. Turns out, the people were taking a drug that would make them live longer, but the drug was killing their brain. Eventually, they find the girl behind the drug and Henry saves the girl from killing herself.

Then we get a moment with Henry and Martinez. Basically, Henry tells her she'll find someone to have breakfast and dinner with and Martinez replies that she already met that person and he's gone now.

Forever really reminds me of Castle. Either pair it with that or move it to Sunday night and have a survivor or stay alive night Sunday since Once Upon A Time and Resurrection are on Sundays.

 I remember when critics said this show was going to be the first one cancelled during its first season. Now look at it, on it's 3rd and still going.

Severide returns to the house and moves in with Casey and Dawson, but he lies to everyone about being okay until the end of the episode when he breaks down in Lindsay's arms.

Can I just say I'm glad someone mentioned how similar the new paramedics girl looks like Shay. BTW, something is not right with that girl. She's a sweetheart, but me thinks she's a a drug dealer.

Casey and Dawson get engaged and now that Dawson is no longer going to that sexiest firehouse, their engagement is going to have to be hush-hush.

Peter Mills finds out his dad's side of the family is racist.

Molly's will be expanding into a food truck service.

I just want to say how I love the way POI opens and takes in consideration what's been happening.

So Reese and Finch try to save a girl that is very much like Root. The girl was playing a game that Samaritan made up. I originally thought it was to eliminate future threats (the girl) that could possibly shut it down, but I was partially right. Samaritan was recruiting allies and also taking out possibly threats (another machine) out of the picture. So now Samaritan has a Root of its own.

Originally, Finch was against saving another number, but he realized this girl was different. But Finch also realizes that he can only save those that want to be saved and that the girl needed to make a choice of whether or not she wanted his help. Obviously, she didn't because girl kept playing the game.

Finch came to understand that there was work still needed to be done, so he welcomed Reese and Shaw to their new base of operations--abandoned underground train repair station. With internet up and running, they were back in business.

I have to also mention that I thought it was funny how Root told Shaw to aim for a B+. You can be a criminal, just not a great one.

Go cow or go home.

Luv ya,

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