Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Recap

Hey People,

 Last week, they solved the case of the "Hitch" killer and also gave dwarf a whole new different meaning.

This show is funny and I wish that it was a half hour show. However, it is Do or Die week and this will be my 1st victim. But, and this is a huge BUT, if someone can tell me that a small mythology starts let me know. I'll start watching again.

Many people are comparing this to Harry's Law not because they're similar shows, but because they are very skewed to an older audience. This might be the reason why TMoL gets cancelled in the end, but as of right now it's fine. It is still way too early to tell.

This show on the other hand is in danger. It's in the Red! Ratings are really not doing well. I'm not sure if I should continue watching knowing how bad these ratings are. For now, I think I will.

Anyway, let's get back to the recap. Jordi got to keep his leg, but not because it didn't need to be amputated, but because there was no point when the cancer has already spread to his soft tissue. Leo got upset when he found out Jordi kept his leg, but he doesn't know why Jordi got to keep his (and I still think he doesn't know the reason). Leo gets jealous and does what every boy tries to do--get drunk.

Kara's mothers come to visit and are more about her cause than about her, that is until Emma talks to them saying they are forgetting about what should matter most--Kara. Turns out the nanny mother was the one that got the message and not her biological mother, but it all ends well in the end.

Charlie is still down under.

Luv ya,

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