Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Affair S1 E5: He Said, She Said, Truth

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Originally, I wasn't planning on doing one for this episode since they only met 2 times and their lives were far more interesting outside the affair than in it to me so I have just decided to include their outside lives as well. At least for this edition anyway. Besides, I tried to write this on my recap page and it became too long so it works out in the end.

She Said

Alison wears a pretty pink dress for Noah, but before she goes out to see him, her husband asks if she would want to see him surf. Since she has other plans that would be a no, so she tells him she rather sleep, but when he comes back for some wax he forgot, she's already up and out of bed getting ready to go out. Awkward, and I'm really hoping she took a shower before going to see him.

Alison meets Noah at a friend's house for alone time. We find out that Alison wanted to be a doctor and she finds out Noah wasn't always rich. They have sex (well at least oral) and then Alison gets a call from the nursing home for her grandmother. This is where we meet Athena, Alison's mother, who to me is awesome even though I don't agree with her healing methods. Athena and Alison don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to how to medicate her g-ma.

After her shift, she goes and sees Noah at their place discussing where they would be, if she's using protection, and what STDs he has. You know, the normal stuff asked after 50th time they've probably had sex. Anyway, Noah runs into Athena outside and he makes up a lie that was pretty good about how he rented out Alison's friend's place. Right away Athena knows they're having an affair and she approves of it because her daughter is back to the way she used to be, but she uses life energy forces.

Another awkward moment at her husband's house, when Athena started spreading her non-monogamous views when Alison showed everyone the ring Cole's mother gave her. Cole reminded Athena that it was his mother who acted like a mother when Alison was in depression. Athena fought back and said it was because Cole didn't want her to be there.

Alison has always craved stability, which is why she married so young and her mother argues that she married too young before she even knew who she was and Alison is coming to realize this now.

He Said

Noah lied about where was running off to (see what I did there?), but he just had to buy bagels before coming back home. He goes and sees Alison, but because of a bad cover, Alison makes him text his wife about there being a long line for the bagels. Of course, there is a major crisis and Noah has to leave. In this version, they never had sex because ain't nobody got time for that. On his way back home, Noah gets a flat tire. While waiting for AAA, Oscar drives by and decides to wait with him. After AAA comes, Noah goes on his way to the house to find out that a girl that his daughter tormented tried to kill herself. Different parenting skills come into play, but in the end, Whitney ends up apologizing for doing wrong. She has to go to therapy and she won't be getting her phone back for quite some time, but there may be hope for this girl after all.

During the middle of all this, Oscar dropped by because Noah dropped his AAA card and he reveals where he was when he got a flat tire and then later Helen asks what he was doing out there. I guess in his version he's not that great of a liar because he just says he was getting the bagels. He runs off to "their place" and finally has sex with Alison. He asks her if she would want to run away with him and she says yes.


To tell you the truth, I have no idea who is being truthful. Both of these events seem to have happened, just not on the same day. So there is no winner this time.

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