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The Affair S1 E6: He Said, She Said, Truth

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This show is getting more and more interesting by the minute, but I swear you would at least think they would be able to get the places right. So I guess the detective mean it when he said he was done interrogating both of them because he wasn't in this episode So are they talking to themselves now?

He Said

Noah went to a party and invited his newly divorced friend, who takes coke to ease the pain as a cover so he can hangout with Alison the whole night. Luckily for him, his friend gets so drunk he needed to go home and sleep it off and they got to dance to some great Earth, Wind, & Fire and then f*ck*d the night away. They even took a shower together.

Noah followes her after their rendezvous like the creep he is and notices her dealing. Once he goes home, he has to deal with another crisis (when do they not have a crisis going on) when they find out Martin is missing. Noah calls over at the ranch and they tell him he is there. Noah then asks his eldest daughter where to "score some coke" for his book. Daughter wouldn't answer the question.

Wife starts feeling neglected because they're not f*ck*ng like they used to. See I don't know how cheaters do it. It's not easy to sex 2 different people all the time. Wife decides they will have a night just for them to get the love flowing again.

For lunch, the family goes out to The Lobster Roll, where Alison works. Divorce guy shows up too, which is how wife finds out Noah wasn't with friend all night. Wife remembers Alison's name and when Noah's friend tries to go over to hit on her, Noah informs him she's married. Noah and Alison have a little kissing session in the bathroom (we should name the places where they don't get together, it would be a much shorter list).

Noah rather write his book, then hangout with the family so everyone goes min-golfing except him. Wife totally disses his kiss (she is not happy, bet she knows something is up). Instead he decides to make it up to Oscar for pushing him by hanging out with him. This is how he finds out about how Oscar popped the cherry of Alison (still trying to wrap my mind around that one). This is also how he finds out the Lockharts a drug dealers when Oscar calls the cops on them. Oscar didn't want to pay the Lockharts money until he got a permit for his bowling alley. I'm guessing Oscar does drugs, which is not surprising at all.

Noah marches over to the ranch to talk to Alison and asks her point blank. She doesn't like the words "drug dealer". He informs her about Oscar calling the cops and Alison informs the rest about the call. Now that Noah knows another part of Alison's life, he goes home and has sex with his wife.

She Said 

After partying it up, Alison has to get up early to make her drug rounds. It seems like Noah and Alison are so comfortable with each other that Noah can pee in front of Alison. I have to say I am impress with their system. I mean did you see their back door and how they opened the secret room? That's just awesome

When Alison goes to the ranch she notices Martin sleeping inside the stable. They feed him and he lies about telling his parents where he was because later Martin's mom calls the ranch asking if her son is there. Alison finds it disguisting that she didn't know where her son was. As Alison's mother-in-law puts it she has 4 children and she called. To Alison, the rich aren't supposed to have any problems.

Alison sees a note in her basket from Noah telling her to meet him at their special place. This is where Noah asks her about her drug dealings. She tells him it's the only way for the ranch to survive she doesn't care what happens to her. If a business can't sustain itself, then you sell it. Noah reminds her that his son works at the ranch, but at least they are drug dealers with principles. Noah then informs her about Oscar calling the cops.

Alison then tells the family about the cops calling and they start hiding everything. Oscar shows up and instead of the cops. Alison said that he heard him call the cops and Oscar tells her that sometimes he likes to pick up the phone and practice what he would say. Oscar puts it together that Alison is sleeping with Noah and tries to put the moves on her. I said tries. Alison goes back to her mother-in-law's house and tries to reason with her husband that maybe they should stop this side business and start a new lives and move on. Husband didn't want to hear that, but they were interrupted by Martin because he lost the new horse. Alison drives him home and she must have figured out somehow that he did it on purpose and asks why. He just responds with a "Ever do something just to do it and you don't know why?" Umm, yessss.

When Alison drops Martin off, Noah comes out and talks to her. She tells him that she doesn't want this life anymore and wants out. She wants to start a new life with him. Noah tells her he wants to end the affair since he's leaving next week anyway. Alison is stands there crying on his front lawn.


The party had to have happened since it was in both of their stories and let's say that Noah did pee in front of her and then ended up taking a shower with her and discussing the next time they will see each other when his summer vacation was over. However, when it comes to where they discuss the drug dealings of the Lockharts, I'm going to have to go with Noah because it makes more sense for Oscar to figure out Noah and Alison were banging each other if she left The Lobster Roll first because then Oscar would immediately know she must have heard it from Noah, since Noah is the only one that heard him. Noah and Alison don't meet again until Alison drops off Martin. I'm guessing Noah did have sex with his wife that night and when Alison dropped off Martin he ended it with her.

Since we only saw from Alison's POV, we can only go by her. Same thing with Noah and the random party in the beginning of the episode. Other than the beginning, the drug deal talk, and the end, they weren't with each other. Therefore for this episode, Noah is the winner. Finally, he wins one.

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P.S. As for who made the call to the ranch to find out if Martin was there. I don' know. You could make a case for both so it would be a tie. Either way, Noah still wins.

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