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S4 E9
Shaw is not going to be happy when she wakes up. At least Bear can keep her company. Last episode was again a great one. POI is on a roll this season. I seriously think this show is becoming more serialized as we continue down the rabbit hole because the cases-of-the-week aren't really the cases-of-the-week since it intertwines with the story-arc of Samaritan.

The number of the week last time was Elias. I am no fan of Elias and I'm still recuperating from the betrayal when they first tried to save his life. The show surprised me then and it still surprises me now. Elias was in danger because of The Brotherhood. Dominic wants Elias dead because he's the only one stopping him from being king of the streets. I hate The Brotherhood and I hate Elias, but at least I respect Elias since he does help out our heroes from time to time and he has standards (doesn't recruit young kids).

With Elias, it's not about ruling the streets, but about loyalty as we found out inn the last episode. To Dominic with his "everyone dies in the end" no one means anything to him and everyone including him can be replaced. Elias is the total opposite as we see when he losses his right hand man.

We learn Elias's background and find out what true brotherhood looks like. Anthony was a brother to him and now he only has one brother left and we know The Brotherhood is coming after him. Like Elias said there will be a war and it'll be interesting to see if our heroes will just let it happen or choose a side.

Meanwhile, Shaw's cover was blown and now she won't be able to set a foot outside since Samaritan and Co. are looking for her. I'm guessing since Root is the one who lied to her and took her out because Shaw refused to go into hiding when her team needed her that Root will be on Shaw's kill on sight list for quite some time. This is bad for us Shoot fans :-(

Midseason finale is tonight and this episode is also the start of the 3 episode event!

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