Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Hey People,

S1 E3
Lucious not only beats up his son, but basically anyone who defies me, maybe except for Cookie. The police are hot on Lucious tail even though they got their info from a drunk.

Gladys Knight, Naomi Campbell, and Cuba Gooding Jr. Damn who is going to show up next?

Andre is way better when he's off his meds. I have no idea what type of relationship he has with his wife, but it seems like he can do anything he wants as long as it advances his career.

Hakeem has a thing for the older ladies. Since he didn't have a mother growing up, he now has a fetish for older women and calling them his mama. Hakeem is definitely not his own man. He's controlled by his father and in bed, he's controlled by his women.

Cookie is working with the FBI and for some reason they aren't even going after Lucious, but some guy named Frank. Cookie thinks Jamal needs a songwriter and Puma is who she wants. So she gets the FBI to help her find him. Puma has a song for Jamal and Jamal makes it his own, something Lucious couldn't even do proving Jamal is better than Lucious.

Since Lucious owns the song already he doesn't want Jamal to sing it. He thinks Jamal would be a great songwriter. Jamal finally realizes that he doesn't want to be under his father power anymore so he moves out. Jamal tells his father he used to beat him because Lucious hated him and his obedience was no longer for sale. Jamal vows to take what Luscious loves most, his Empire.

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