Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Killing

Hey People,

The Killing is another show I binged through and I'm glad I did because I remember reading comments back when it was on and people being upset they didn't find out who killed Rosie the 1st season. I know I would have been. This show would have never had worked and I would have never had finished it if it weren't for Linden and Holder. Let me explain.

Summary: Instead of having a case per week, this show has a case per season.

Season 4 > Season 3 > Season 2 > Season 1

This show would not have worked and would not have lasted if it weren't for the teamwork of Linden and Holder. They were the most 2 fucked up detectives you could ever want. Linden could easily win worst mom of the year. Yes, I felt bad for her child almost all the time, but at the same time, I felt bad for her. There's a point where you have to decide whether you want to put your career first or your family first and Linden obviously chose her job. Holder was a druggie and it definitely showed. He was a lax guy who knew the streets. And yet if I was murdered I would totally want them on my case because I know they wouldn't give up on finding my murderer until they were caught.

I had a hard time choosing whether season 4 or 3 would be my favorite and the reason I went with season 4 is because it wraps everything up. I loved the case of the season. It was definitely my favorite, but season 3 was a close 2nd because of the death penalty. And I liked how it kinda ended with an open to interpretation. I usually hate those types, but this seemed to please both bases of fans. If you were in the camp that wanted Holder and Linden to end up together, then they did. If not, then you can just think she came back because he's the only family she has left since she pushed everyone else out. I'm in the former category. What I liked about Holder and Linden is that they called each other out on their bullshit, while anytime they were with their significant other, it felt like they were putting a show on for them (Linden always acting as if she was happy and Holder hiding his drug addiction past). It just seemed right to me they would end up together. Let me just add I loved how they used the opening sequence to end the show. That was awesome.

Cast: Because the cases would change very season, the cast changed all the time so the only constant was Mireille Enos (Big Love) and Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop).

Judgement: This show isn't a must see, but if you have time to spare I suggest you check it out. It shows you how long it takes a murder case to be solved instead of the once a week, we usually get from shows.

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