Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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S3 E14
Obviously the lady who stole a baby last week was crazy. I mean, who leaves a baby out in the cold like that? A crazy person. But now Dawson is baby crazy. She totally wants to have a baby now and she would make a great mother, the only thing is she's not in a relationship and Casey has definitely moved on.

Severide was offered a new job, which he should take. It would be nice to see the investigation side of fires. It's also nice that CF doesn't forget about characters that left. Shay is still missed and definitely not forgotten...yet.

Brett and Mills had to deal with 2 teenagers on weed. I don't know what kind of weed makes you scratch people so much. That girl must have been on something else because she was way too jumpy for someone to be high off weed. Eventually, the firefighters come in and help them out.

Boden's father passed away, but at least he went out the way he wanted to--happy. I'm glad he got his party in the end.

S4 E14
It's always a pleasure to see Fringe actors in my TV shows. The case-of-the-week involved a retired teacher who was being blackmailed to vote guilty of a husband who allegedly killed his wife. Our team didn't know the teacher was going to vote guilty because they thought she would vote not guilty. When our team found out, they instantly knew the husband wasn't fixing his case, but the actual killer was. The man blackmailing the teacher was also on the jury, but it was an associate of the company that hired him.

In other news, Reese and Finch agree that they won't let anyone else into Team Machine, but they also can't revert back to the 1st season when it was just them. They can't do it alone. I'm glad they admit it, but sad that Zoe nor Silva will be added to the group.

Reese and therapist sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. No, they didn't kiss yet, but like Zoe said Reese definitely has a crush. I like the therapist, but when it comes to anyone who's not in the group, I'm always skeptical about if they work for Samaritan. As of right now, I do like the idea of them, but this show has a kiss of death streak, so if they do kiss, she'll die that same episode. Romance is not a POI's forte. Zoe thinks Reese and her aren't meant to be in relationships, but like the therapist says try things new. Start a new tradition. Maybe he'll open up to her. I just hope it's not like Banshee.

At the end of the episode, they realize that Dominic is probably the one behind Elias's missing goons. Time to get back to work. Root is still MIA.

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