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S2 E15
Stef needs to mind her business. I know she has every right to know what's going on in Mike's life that would somehow endanger her kids, but there has to be a line. She crossed it when she went to see Mike's sponsor. What does he have to do with anything? If she has a question, she should ask Mike not go behind his back. Lena is sick of Stef getting into Mike's business too because she's the one that has to hear about it. Anyway they both have something bigger fish to deal with now that Ana is asking them to adopt her unborn baby. I wonder if they'll accept. They were planning for a baby anyway, but I thought this was a way for Ana to turn her life around and start over. Oh, well.

BTW, I have my suspicions that the principal divorced a female. I have no evidence at all, just a feeling. I could be totally off base.

Brandon should totally go to that camp. If he works hard enough, he could go back to classical music. Jesus is an idiot, but what else is new? The guy goes from chick to chick at least Emma doesn't fall for his bullshit and is now detested by him because of his tattoo.

I swear this show suffers from saying "I love you" too soon. I know they're in high school, so they don't know what real love feels like, but it's still annoying to hear them say it. When Mariana said it to her boyfriend I was like "You've only known him for a minute." Also, did you see his face when he agreed for Mariana to go with him on the tour. That's the face of "how do I get out of this shit?"

The best moment goes to Jude and Connor. The movies are a great place to go when I was their age. Now it's just expensive as shit and I wouldn't be caught dead there. Connor made a move on Jude and it was the cutest thing ever. Out of all the kids' relationships on the show, this is the only one that I'm completely behind. If they said "I love you" to each other, I would actually believe them, not because I find them adorable together, but because the writers actually gave them a nice background story that built their relationship.

As for Callie, well I'm glad she laid down the law to her father. She wants to be in his life, but she doesn't want him as a parent. However, she did call him when the toy she gave to Daphne was found by the detectives. Now why did she call him? Because he can hire a great lawyer? Because she didn't want to upset the moms? Having a parent as a cop comes in handy in these types of situations, but that's just me.

S1 E13
Jane had to make the first major decision about her baby last week. Did she want to know about any abnormalities of her baby. Usually, the first big decision parents have to make is if they want to know the sex of their kid or not. In Jane and Rafael's case they decided in the end not to know. Jane is 99% sure it will be a girl, but that just makes me believe it will be a boy (and next time season we'll have blue posters). Anyway, Jane is a planner and even though knowing ahead of time won't change anything, she still wanted to know to prepare. Hopefully, tonight we'll find that answer, even though I have another question I would like the answer to first. Jane missed her graduation, but you can always rely on Rafael to do something cheesy for her.

Xo and Rogelio have to deal with the decision of whether or not Rogelio should take the new telenovela role in Mexico. I think he should unless he could find a job near them. Also, Xo let Alba know that it's okay if she wants to move on from her father. Alba may have a crush on the bike guy, but she didn't want to be unfaithful to her late husband. It's nice to see Cheech again, hope he sticks around.

As for Petra, she's been out of loop. I feel like her story line is not connected to anyone right now, but it seems that may change starting tonight. Lachlan got back at her and kicked her out of the hotel only to have her go right back to the hotel since Milos is just bought 33% of the hotel and wants to share it with Petra. So Petra, Milos, Lachlan, and Rafael will be running the hotel together. Yea, that's not going to work.

Rose is on the run and Michael and Co. are finally on her tail. Rose didn't know Emilo was having an affair like she was. I think her pride of him cheating on her was hurt more than the actual act.

Finally, Zazo is alive! WTF?! How did that happen or is this his twin? He did have a brother after all. Also, some have guessed Rose dyed her hair blonde so she can act as Petra and take her place alongside Lachlan. Pretty clever, but that also means Lachlan would have to be in on it.

S7 E14
The 3XK is back and so is his Doc. This episode seemed so short because it was so good. Also, it was nice to see Lanie and Tory back. As for Gates,...well...she's around. This story has been going on since season 3 (so I'm glad they had flashbacks throughout the episode, I can't remember everything people) and I still intrigued by it. If it doesn't end tonight (which I highly doubt since it's the 2 parter of the season), then I'm okay with that.

Lanie was the first to realize the 3XK was back when she noticed the strangling and plastic procedure done on the dead girl. Dead girl was the doppelganger of a girl who was sleeping with a man who looked like the 3XK. Now the man claims he isn't, but just got work done to his face to look like him. The plastic surgeon is no other than the Doc.

Obviously this isn't one big coincidence, but it's not enough to convict. The team figured out the Doc must be changing faces of blondes and setting them up for the 3XK to kill. What a twisted relationship they have.

Since the 3XK stole all his records and DNA, they couldn't compare it to the 3XK doppelganger, but Castle, the brilliant man that he is, figured out they could compare it to his mother who is still alive. Turns out that isn't his real mother but they did find a baby tooth she hid. When DNA was compared someway, somehow it didn't match. This whole time the Doc and 3XK were at the precinct. But as someone thought up, couldn't they checked the 3XK's parents DNA to see if they matched, so they could rule out who he's not?

Beckett was called away because she got a phone call from the girl sleeping with the 3XK, but it was a set up and Beckett was taken and there is no way the team can pin it on the 3XK or the Doc since they were both at the precinct. The 2nd part of the story continues tonight.

Oh and I totally forgot. Castle and Beckett are talking babies! Major step!

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