Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Previously On...Wednesday

Hey People,

Last week's episode was definitely the best episode so far I've seen.

Brother vs Brother vs Undercover Brother who's an instigator. Andre puts his two brothers against each other. He and his wife are made for each other. They can only succeed by ruining other's careers

Andre releases a video of Hakeem's girlfriend, Tiana, getting friendly with her side piece aka her girlfriend. I'm surprised all Hakeem did was get upset since he could have easily spin it saying he was the one filming it. Besides, he has no reason to be upset. He has his own side piece. The cougar, remember?

To Jamal, Andre speaks very loudly around Hakeem's thug friends about Jamal having a luxurious watch at his studio. The thugs bust in the studio trying to rob him and Jamal recognizes one of them to be a friend of Hakeem. Jamal pays a visit to Hakeem telling Hakeem not to underestimate him.

Lucious proposes to Anika and she accepts. Then Lucious finds out he needs a physical and a doctor to sign off saying he's in perfect health because some people aren't ready for one of the sons to take over the Empire yet. Luckily for Lucious, his fiancee has a doctor for a father. Lucious promises to the father that he will leave Anika a hefty amount of money when he dies. Anika doesn't know anything about it.

Cookie was dealing with her own mess the whole time. She testified against Frank, the drug dealer, whose signature mark is a rose. A rose is what showed up on at her door and she thought it was a warning from Frank left by his right hand man since Frank is in jail basically saying she's dead. Cookie went to her sister to see if she could help fix her problem and they did find someone to "take care of it". But Lucious being the sweet man that he is left the rose as a reminder of their anniversary. Cookie tried to call the killing off, but it was too late. Now Cookie really is in trouble,

Question of the day, why is Lucious celebrating his anniversary with his ex-wife? He just proposed to someone else.

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