Thursday, February 12, 2015

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S1 E11
This is the first time where I actually was more intrigued by the case than what else was going on. At first I was on the defender's side. When she admitted to stealing a baby to protect her for harm, I was still on her side, but when the baby girl is locked up and is basically treated the same way her husband treats the other girls, she became a monster. I know she was basically groomed this way since she was 16 when she started to be abused, but no excuse. Glad Annalise dropped her.

We go to see what Team Keating did over break. I'll break it down for you. Annalise was drunk, Wes was having nightmares/opened letters not addressed to him, Conner becomes less of a slut, Michaela is now single, and Laurel was sent to her room.

Frank stole Conner's car so it could be crushed and was behind the New York decoy, which is now pointless since they found Sam's body at the dump. Sam's sister is not going anywhere anytime soon.

S2 E10
My Theory

Before I get into the episode last week, I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm not the only one who is frustrated and also intrigued by this show. Also, when it comes to ratings The Blacklist didn't do that bad for the night. Maybe it can make it on its new night after all.

Okay so basically last week was about retrieving Liz's memories of the night of the fire. The whole episode was a waste because she doesn't remember a damn thing and since this probably wasn't her first go around at this type of therapy that deals with memories, she doesn't even know if what she saw was real or if the people were in the right roles. Like I said, a waste.

Liz always thinks she's done with Red, but she's never done with Red so who is she trying to fool. There is definitely some type of relationship Red and Liz share other than the Fulcrum because there is no way he only cares about her for that reason.

I shouldn't say it was all a waste because Liz was going through her old stuff and found her stuffed animal, opened it up and found a small box inside. Now this is most likely the Fulcrum everyone is after. Here's the thing 26 years ago, info was generally on floppy disks and there was no way the info was on something that small back then. But whatever, I'll accept it. I wonder what Liz will do with it.

In other news, Cooper was told info relating to his health that we still don't know anything about, nor care about since it's not affecting his job and Aram and Samar are cute together.

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