Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Slap Needs To Be Slapped

Hey People,

I quit. That was fast. The 2nd episode of The Slap irritates me to no end. I can't believe the parents of the psychotic kid is suing a parent who slapped their son. I understand being upset about their son being hurt, but let's face it, everyone wanted to slap that kid, Harry just had the balls to do it. He said he did it because the boy was swinging a bat at his son, but I think that's what got his attention. He didn't slap him until the boy kicked him in the shin, so I thought it was more of a knee jerk reaction, which would probably would have worked as a better argument in court.

People sue over the dumbest things. I swear if I was the judge I would have given the parents a talking to about wasting my time when there are murderers, rapists, and children who get abused daily who need me more than some kid who was being a dick to everyone and got slapped so hard that probably with less than hour the mark was gone.

Harry might be seen as the bad guy for slapping someone else's kid, but the real bad people are the parents who are most likely going to use this situation as the reason why their kid is so messed up in the future. That kid has no discipline whatsoever.

I really needed to vent that one out. The show is only 8 episodes long, but I wish they didn't go the legal route. This is some rich people problem. There is so much injustice in the world, a kid being slapped for annoying the shit out of everyone isn't high on that list.

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