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S2 E17
It's so hard watching Callie reject Stef and Lena when you know she wants to live with them, but Stef is onto her. Stef knows she wouldn't leave Jude behind unless it was something major. Callie always puts the needs of everyone before her even if that means her being unhappy. She deserves to be happy and hopefully the talk Stef and Lena had with her changes her mind. The way I see it, it would be pointless now since Daphne came clean and Jude looks like he's already lost his sister. Seems to me like Callie is just making the situation worse.

Lena had to fire her friend. I hate standardize tests. I sucked at them, but I was a good student. Those type of tests don't prepare you for the real world, but the teacher didn't do himself any favors by working against them. Now Mariana is standing up for herself by taking a stand against the school, which is great. I wonder how this story will end because I understand the administration as well. They need the money or the school won't be around. It's better to teach a certain way than to not teach at all.

Mariana is a bitch, but she's the type of bitch that doesn't know she's a bitch. Of course, she can be nice and I'm not saying she isn't, but girl is a follower and I hate people like that because they can't stand on their own so I'm liking that she's taking a stance now.

Brandon should quit the tour and go to that classical camp for the summer. He'll probably regret it if he doesn't go. As for Jesus, I don't understand why Lena and Stef won't let him go to boarding school. It would be good for him. If I were a parent I would let my child go before I would let them go on tour. I don't know how they think Jesus is too young. 15 is not young at all.

Mike wants to adopt Ana's baby. There's no way he can do that on his own and I doubt Ana would let him especially after the talk they just had.

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