Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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S1 E16
I always wondered how Abigail and Henry dealt with their relationship when she grew older. Every thought she was a cougar. I guess back then, they didn't have an awesome name for it so it wasn't looked at as something good.

As for the case-of-the-week, the roommate from hell did it. Girl was crazy and wanted to be like her roommate as much as possible, but she didn't approve of her friend changing on her so much and eventually killed her.

It was nice to see Iona again. Love the chemistry between Henry and her, but because Henry was grown genuine feelings for her, he can't continue to see her anymore. He doesn't want to risk someone he cares about dying in front of his eyes by aging. He did it with Abigail and he can't do it again. So he breaks things off with Iona. I seriously think that was the best breakup ever. No hard feelings at all. Iona even tells Henry if he decides to not like her anymore, then give her a call. Aww, she's so understandable.

I'm not going to lie for a second I thought Iona was the killer when we knew it wasn't the victim, who showed up that night, but I'm glad it turned out the way things did because I would have been upset if Iona was the killer.


S3 E15
Casey has moved on and moved up in the food chain by sleeping with the ex-wife of the new chief of Firehouse 51 since Boden is on furlough because his father passed away. I say screw it or more importantly screw her. The ex-wife wants it and so does Casey, it shouldn't matter if it's his ex. They are exes for a reason. Besides, she's willing to keep it a secret so why don't they just keep everything on the DL?

There's also Welsh, the sexiest douchebag. He's back and is filling in for Newhouse until he gets back. I hate his guts too, but the man is doing his job and as long as he's not causing a stir, I don't mind having him in the house. I don't think this counts as a stir, but he innocently told Dawson who Casey was sleeping with. Girl was definitely not smiling after that news.

I knew that high girl from the previous episode before this was on something other than weed. Way too jumpy. Anyway, when she's not high she actually looks pretty good. Too bad she has a mom who's not really concerned about her well being. Brett tries to give her a guitar she lost when she was high, but the mom tells her she needs to learn responsibility and that things cost money. I understand the mom for that, but apparently she didn't even want her daughter to get treated because of how much it costs. When it comes to life or death, money shouldn't matter. But Brett decides to keep the guitar so the girl could stop by and play anytime she wants.

The new Chief was riding on Otis's ass, hard. I didn't laugh when Otis fell because I remember doing the exact same thing on ice, I fall way too often to laugh at someone doing the same. Otis doesn't like the new nickname the Chief gives him--Gutterball--and for the first time ever, I was scared of Otis. Man can be really scary when he wants to be. Who knew?

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