Monday, March 30, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Review

Hey People,

So a lot of people are upset and they should be. I'm not upset that people didn't die like some people are, but I do think they should be upset that this season finale didn't feel like a finale at all. It seemed like a regular episode. This is what happens when things are over-hyped, but in general, finales are over-hyped because you're not going to see your show for awhile so you have to do something that's memorable or something that will make sure your viewers don't forget and I guess this episode was just so forgettable is my problem.

Usually these 3 things happen in a finale:
  • A major or important character dies
  • Shit hits the fan (this includes explosions/fighting or revelations)
  • The calm before the storm (the episode before shit hits the fan)
Last season on TWD, we got the calm before the storm, which made viewers come back because they wanted to see Rick & Co. get out of their box and the season 5 premiere was a shit hits the fan episode because man were there tons of gun fighting, blood, and explosions. But for the 5th season finale, you got none of these things.
As for what actually happened in the episode, the biggest takeaway is that Rick wants to make Alexandria work. Rick is the easiest manipulated person of power and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Carol plays as the devil, while Michonne plays as his angel. In the end, Rick chose Michonne or more precise he chose Bob, which was the right decision. Bob said life wouldn't always be like this. Rick told the truth at the meeting, something that those townspeople needed to hear. I'm not going to lie to you when Rick showed up with blood on his face for the 2nd time, I was like "Really, Rick? You couldn't wash your face first?" But it was a good selling point, which probably won them over. The wife beater killing the congresswoman's husband was a bonus that was quickly taken away once Morgan saw what Rick did. You see, Morgan thinks all life is precious, but I don't know the extent he thinks of that theory because in the beginning of the episode, he put two Wolves in a car and honked the horn for Walkers to get their dinner. I'm just hoping this doesn't drive away Morgan because Rick needs a voice of reason since Hershel died and Michonne chose loyalty over morality in this episode, but one thing she will not be is an instigator. 

In other news, Glenn chose not to kill Nicholas even though he totally deserved it, but it would be bad if townspeople started dying all the time. People would get suspicious. Daryl is still alive. I knew he would be because Daryl deserves an epic death and I would have been left unsatisfied if he died in that car. Sasha is starting to heal and so is Gabriel, but no one gives a shit about him. Tara woke up and Abraham and Eugene have finally forgiven each other. 

If you asked me what I think the 6th season would be about I would say it would involve the threat of the Wolves, which is really stupid how they got their name, but whatever, and their might be a morality debate. Do principles change because the world changed? Hopefully, someone teaches these townspeople how to shoot next season because the more people that can defend themselves, the more that can help fight against others. Also, let's not forget that Jesse is a free lady. Now all that Rick has to do is howl 3 times to claim her. 

Luv ya,

P.S. Can someone start a petition to change the spin-offs name from the terrible Fear the Walking Dead to Fear the Dead? That would be all kinds of awesome.
P.P.S. Someone made a good point about Carol being untrustworthy. Michonne and Rick confirmed their loyalty to each other in this episode, but Carol has been becoming disloyal ever since she became the mother hen of the group. You may need to watch out for her being the villain of the group.

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