Monday, March 30, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E17 Review

Hey People,

Now that was a good episode and was probably the best episode since the show came back from its hiatus. Now some believe that this episode was too out there that people wouldn't write such things in emails, but as the Sony hack shows, it is totally plausible.

The case-of-the-week was an interesting, corporation vs. downloading/sharing site. I'm for streaming, it's a win for everyone when you stream. Anyway, the sharing online company, which is equivalent to Limewire (I don't know the top downloading site of today, since I don't really download anymore; again, streaming for the win). I liked the back and forth between the case. The site knew about downloads, but the company was responsible for its own leak on the site, but then the ads for downloads were porn sites, but you only saw the porn ads if you visited porn sites. But it was the hackers that made the company crumble and even made FAL back down.

Apparently emails were made so you can talk shit about someone behind their back. The law firm was a hot mess. I can't believe we saw someone spit on Diane's window. That's just disgusting. Here's what I don't get, if Alicia was worried about an email between her and Elfman implying to their one night stand and she used her firm's account, then why wasn't it part of the hack? She slept with Johnny not that long ago. I think the writers missed the ball on that one or maybe the hackers are waiting to strike the new SA down at a later date. Anyway Alicia needed the hacks squashed just as much as the firm did so they wanted out of the case, but the company didn't want them to go because who else would want them as clients? Eventually they settled for an apology that the company owed the site since the company was also hacked. Moral of the story? Never write something in an email that you wouldn't say to said person's face. Also, it's great to see Julius back from New York. It's not the same when it's just David Lee. Those 2 are comedy gold.

Just a quick recap:

Cary vs. Diane (Cary said Diane has a stick up her ass and Diane called Cary a sub-average lawyer)
Julius vs. David (Julius called David gay and David thinks Julius was an affirmative action hire)
Kalinda vs. Harold (Harold implied that Kalinda gave him a blowjob in the storage closet)


In the political world, Alicia's backers all wanted to cash in on their prize and Alicia was having none of it, but Alicia learned a very valuable lesson form Eli, never say yes and never say no, just tell them you'll think about it. They need to think they have control, but just screw them in the back if you want to later. The perverted rich guy that backed Alicia wanted to pick her Deputy, Bishop wanted to make sure Alicia doesn't investigate him when he retires, and Castro (while not a backer, but also wanted something from Alicia) wanted to make sure Alicia doesn't investigate him after he steps down from office. Alicia is probably not going to listen to any of these fools, which will cause a lot of drama for us to watch. She basically turned down Eli's suggestion for Deputy and that was pure gold (see what I did there?) to see Alicia use the line Eli taught her on him. His face was priceless.

I knew Alicia was going to choose Finn as her Deputy and I don't know what he has to think about. He has to take the job because I don't see anyone else who can help Alicia like he can. They make a great duo. As for Alicia's severance package, she definitely deserves more and I loved how she threaten to use her power against the firm if she didn't get it. Now that is what I call awesome, she may not be "good" anymore, but she is all kinds of awesome to me. Alicia just needs to learn how to play the political game.

Luv ya,

P.S. I'm glad Marissa is Alicia's Executive Assistant. Chick is going nowhere and I'm happy about that.

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