Monday, March 30, 2015

The Fosters Season 2 Finale Review

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I'm glad that I saved this review until today because The Fosters have been making headlines today since YouTube put an age restriction on a clip of Jude and Connor kissing. The age restriction was taken off of it, but I'm glad that Gavin Macintosh (Connor) stood up for the kiss. It's insane that people don't have a problem with a boy and a girl kissing at the age of 10, but two boys at age 14 (8th graders and almost in high school) gets a restriction. At least, the restriction was taken down and for those who want to see it again, here's the kiss one more time. I added in some content because I hate just watching a kissing scene without seeing what led up to said kissing scene. Glad that Jonnor is finally official.

I warned you Lena. I warned you. Monte had "I want you" eyes this whole time. Is it wrong for me to say I liked it because I totally did. I like Stef and I like Monte too. Thank God I'm not in Lena shoes. I think someone put it best when they said, "I hate their little bond but if Monte tries something like sits on Lena's desk with them sexy legs and I was Lena I would have no choice but to give her the best sex of her life." 

Brandon almost missed his addition and I'm pretty sure he'll get in, but Lou is giving him another chance to join the band. I think he should go for the classical camp or he'll always regret it.

Callie no longer has to fight anymore, finally. Her father has given up parental rights when he found out about the emancipation. Callie told him he will always be her father and signing the papers won't change that. It's weird. As fucked up as her grandfather (Patrick Duffy) is, he was right about Callie and what her father was doing to her. 

Let's see that dance off one more time because that was all kinds of cool.

Mariana's team rocked it and showed them that girls can be just as good at coding. Ana was there showing her support and even though I was wrong on my prediction that there would be a custody battle for the baby between the grandparents and Lena and Stef (I'm glad they didn't go there), I'm glad that Ana is thinking about keeping the baby (if the baby is even still alive). Ana, Jesus, and Mariana were all in a car accident. Now we all know that Jake T. Austin (Jesus) will no longer be a series regular on the show and we know that 1 person died in the car accident so who was it? I don't think it was any of them. I think it was the other driver, he's the one that ran a red light anyway, but I don't think they will all come out unscathed. Mariana is already injured so that would be pointless if she just gets more injured. Jesus might get hurt to the point that he won't be able to play a sport anymore. But the one I think is more likely is Ana losing the baby. 

I think next season will be focused, of course, on the outcome of the car accident, but I have a good feeling that Jesus will be going to boarding school. We might see Callie finally getting adopted and dealing with her father's side of the family with all their drama. More Jonnor and others' reactions to them in school (possibly a bullying story-line). Lena-Stef-Monte love triangle and Mariana dealing with the dance crew competition. And hopefully Brandon would have made his decision by then. I have no idea what's going to happen with Mike, but then again #whothefuckcares

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