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S1 E18
Well this was quite an intriguing case that intertwined with Henry's turmoil. Henry has always believed that his immortality was a curse. He first died by trying to free slaves from his father's ship, but died in the process. But what he didn't know was he dropped the key to free the slaves and they took over the ship and sailed north to live as free men.

The case-of-the-week involved a slave descendant of the ship (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and he too was fascinated with the slave ship so much so that he actually found it. The problem was a girl's brother died trying to find the ship and she wanted revenge on the people responsible. Obviously, she was caught by the end of the episode, but what will be continuing on into the episode tonight is the date Jo and the descendant went on. I have to say, I'm not really feeling the love/chemistry between these two. He just comes off as rich douche, but that may be just me, but I highly doubt it. I don't see what Jo sees in this guy because there's nothing there.

Adam buys the gun that killed Henry the first time and Henry must help Adam find the dagger that first stabbed him. Adam believes that the first thing that kills them could break the "curse" and they will finally be able to rest in peace. Now that Henry holds the gun that may in fact kill him (which I highly doubt), he starts to notice the clock ticking, meaning he's starting to notice time passing. His days may be numbered.

S1 E5
Okay so I'm a bit confused about some things. What the hell is Zora's power? So now light can cause force? I know they mentioned Powers aging slower than ordinary people and that's why Walker looks older now since he lost his powers and Retro Girl and Wolfe looks the same, but what's Royalle's excuse? Man has aged just as much as Walker. And can Playstation please hire someone from Nikita so they know what a good fight looks like. It's not just about punching and kicking. The CGI needs work and the flying/levitating does as well.

Now that I vented, I'll continue with the recap. After everything I've said about the show, I still enjoy watching it because even though it has many faults, it still has a good and entertaining story. The acting isn't bad either. Last week, it seemed as though Walker has taken Wolfe's powers because of the sway he took before. Hopefully, he doesn't go crazy too. Wolfe is locked up in his jail cell and Zora is credited for saving the day, even though she did jack shit. I don't even hate her for it because as we saw in the flashback in 1994, Walker and Royalle took the credit of stopping Wolfe then, even though they did jack shit. So it just seems like the only true heroes in this show are Retro Girl and that guy who is half man and half machine.

Royalle wants all the sway taken off the streets and wants the names of everyone who took it. Does he know the effects of sway? Does he know what Walker has become? Meanwhile, annoying girl and the dead detective's son met up again and this time the boy introduced the girl to the idea of Kaotic Chic. Maybe this girl will become a real hero after all, represent the ordinary people, and dawn the name Kaotic Chic.

The public knows about Drainer and now Powers have something to fear.

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