Friday, April 3, 2015

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S1 E11
Okay so I'm debating with myself over this episode. I'm not sure if this was a filler or not. We already knew what was mentioned in this episode, but we get it from Ramse's point of view. Now people are starting to hate Ramse, but I don't hate him at all. I understand his reasoning (making sure his son exists) and it's just as good of a reason as Cole's. I'm pretty sure Cole doesn't care about saving the world anymore because the only person he wants to save is Cassie.

There really isn't much to recap other than Ramse stabbing Cole, which led to Jones splintering him to 2015 permanently since his tether to 2043 has been severed. Aaron's boss, the senator, is now running for president (still better than the candidate who just announced he's running). In 2043, everyone is abandoning the ship except for Jones, but no one is surprised by that.

It's theory time people! So like I said before I've been debating with myself on some things like whether or not I liked this episode. Some say this eppy was good, but I'm leaning towards not so good because I didn't really learn anything new; however, this episode did introduce a new debate: is Ramse The Witness? I am also leaning towards no on this. For one, they never addressed Ramse as The Witness, but instead called him Traveler. And two, and this may be the biggest one, someone had foreseen Ramse coming and being locked up in jail. Now he could have lived long enough to live for the time machine to be created and then traveled, at an old age, back in time to tell Olivia that he was coming. He could have used the other time machine that Jones stole. But something just seems wrong about that idea. Instead, I think The Witness is Aaron. Why? Well remember when Olivia stopped Aaron before and tells him Cassie is important and they have a common goal of keeping her alive, well why would he listen to a bat shit crazy lady? I think he met with his old self and that's what changed his mind. After all, we don't know what happens to Aaron in the future.

We still don't know who Olivia's father is and for all we know, he may be The Witness. Maybe Aaron sleeps with a woman in the past or maybe it's not Aaron at all. I don't know. And also why did Ramse and Olivia not age throughout this entire episode? 30 years passed and nothing. Either they did a really terrible job over in the makeup department or something else is going on.

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