Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Powers Season 1 Review

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There's a lot of stuff that Powers needs to improve on with the main focus on fighting sequences and writing fluidity. The good thing is the writers know that they have their work cut out for them. This was there first go around and they promise to deliver next season. Here's the thing, I may not be around next season to watch.

They killed one of my favorite characters in the season finale. I knew it was Retro Girl once I saw Walker at a crime scene. This was a bold move and it would be rather interesting to see what they do after that, but what annoys me to no end is that Annoying Girl has powers now. Why did they have to give it to her? Why couldn't they just given back Walker's powers? I know this show is about how a fallen hero gets on his feet again by being a different sort of hero--a cop--but I would much rather have Walker get his powers back than Annoying Girl getting powers at all. Actually, I would much rather see her dead. I don't know if anyone else feels this way because I don't really see that many comments talking about this show, but I seriously hate that character, hence why I call her Annoying Girl.

So to sum up the finale, Wolfe finally dies (I felt like they didn't use Eddie Izzard as much as they should, nor in the right way), Retro Girl (who also wasn't utilized as well) dies being killed by Kaotic Chic, and Annoying Girl was given hand me down powers by Wolfe before he died.

I get Kaotic Chic and why it exists, but they obviously don't think things through do they? The first person they're going to come after is that detective's son because they already know he's a part of it. Wolfe needed to die though, I rather have another baddie next season, maybe Annoying Girl can become the new baddie so we can finally get rid of her. I seriously don't know what the detective's son sees in that girl.

Royale gets the credit for killing Wolfe, which he really doesn't care about. I hope Royale and Walker can mend their friendship especially now that Walker is going to need a friend since he lost the love of his life (why did they not kiss once in this entire season before she died? Made no sense) and Royale lost (maybe the love of his life?) Simons. As for Zora, she got her ass handed to her when she tried to fight Wolfe, but I think she'll be okay. There's hope for her.

I'm not sure if I'll be back for next season, hell, I'm not even sure this show will see another season, but I stick to what I said before, this show has potential. It just lacks direction.

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