Saturday, May 9, 2015

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S1 E13
So the people that had their guns pointed at Jamie weren't that bad. It just goes to show you that just because someone points their gun at you doesn't mean they're bad people. That's definitely not something to live by though. Turns out these "soldiers" knew Horrocks and we all should remember him. He tells the men about his plan to rob the Redcoats, but in the meantime, he tries to get extra coin from Jamie to go to the Americas. Jamie had to pay Horrocks so he would keep his secret about the price on his head, but then Horrocks just wanted more money, so Jamie had to kill him, except Jenny's husband, Ian, got to him first. The leader of the men became suspicious when he found Horrocks horse still there, but Horrocks was nowhere to be found. Jamie told the truth and it turns out the leader didn't give 2 shits about Horrocks anyway.

Claire was taking care of Jenny the whole time, who had a breech baby. The baby was fine in the end and Jenny got to welcome a daughter into the world. Claire came clean to Jamie that she's tried in the past to have a child and thinks she's unable to have children. Jamie accepts Claire as she is stating that he wouldn't be able to handle her in pain anyway. If you haven't noticed yet, Jamie is awesome.

Before the child was born, Jamie and Ian went on a trip with the men to do the heist Horrocks was planning. It was a trap. Horrocks made a deal with the Redcoats. Ian made it back to Lallybroch, but Jamie and the leader were captured. Claire plans to get her man back.

I can tell you that the tonight's episode is definitely worth watching sooner rather than later. If you liked last week's episode than you'll love this one more unless you're only watching for Jamie, for I can tell you right now you won't see him at all tonight. Instead, Claire will go on a journey with someone, who we'll get to see another side of. This is a great setup episode and I can't wait to see the outcome next week.

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P.S. I love how before Jamie was going to leave Claire, Claire kissed him and they didn't say "I love you" to one another, but instead nodded to each other. It was subtle and I loved it because you knew what it meant. Just a thought.

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