Saturday, June 27, 2015

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S2 E3
Before last week, I wasn't feeling the 2nd season so much, but after watching last week's episode and tonight's episode, I have full confidence in saying that this season will be just as good as last season.

Jamie and Angela make it to Miami and as you know, I didn't know if Jamie was being genuine anymore with his feelings. However, when Jamie became jealous of Greg, Angela's ex, that made me know for sure that he still has feelings for Angela.

While Angela and Jamie were acting like a couple, Jamie was also scoping for the girl with the pink sneakers. He was also down in Miami to do some work for the club. Damn can this man multi-task. Anyway, Jamie gets his club business done and vows that he'll get his club business back. His legit business went well with a little help from Angela, but his illegit business went down the drain. Kanan sent out a hit on the girl. Jamie asked her who hired her to kill him, but all she kept saying was you dumb motherfucker. Girl, you're dying at least answer the damn question. It took her more breaths to say those words than to just say the word Kanan. Ugh! At least she told him that Rolla wasn't behind it. Now Jamie knows the threat is still gunning for him.

Angela brought her work to vacation too. In the end, she reveals to Jamie what's the title of her job and how she's working a case and is going after Tommy. Angela confessing this just puts herself at risk. I'm worried that Jamie might go tell Tommy everything.

As for what's happening in New York, Shawn grew a pair and started denying Tasha. I was loving it. I didn't know Tasha would be so jealous, but I didn't care because I thought LaKeisha and Shawn would be cute together. I just always hated how Tasha was a schizo to him. One minute trying to lure him and the next acting like nothing was ever between him. Yes people, I'm for LaKeisha and Shawn and I shall dub them ShaKeisha.

For tonight's episode, let's just say there's a huge reveal about why Kanan is going after Jamie. And here I thought he just wanted his boss title back. If you want a little more I will say this: You'll find out if Jamie will keep his mouth shut to Tommy and if there's any life to ShaKeisha.

Luv ya,

P.S. Kanan is crazier than Tommy, you'll agree after watching tonight.
P.P.S. I love how last week's episode ended with Jamie and Angela being driven in the same direction in two different cars side-by-side. Speaks volumes if you ask me.

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