Sunday, June 28, 2015

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S2 E8
Just goes to show everyone that Penny Dreadful is just as good when Eva Green isn't in the picture. Although I will admit that I did miss her, the episode didn't fall apart without her. Actually someone stepped up in a major way. I'm talking about you, Billie Piper. And here I thought she was playing the character wrong. Boy was I wrong. Her playing an evil monster is far better to me than an innocent girl.

Lily FTW!

She vows to put an end to Victor's life and calls him the creature so she now knows she's a monster, but what I'm confused on is if she remembers her past. I don't know if she was describing her prostitute life or that one night stand she killed in the last episode. Speaking of that dead guy, why the hell did she stick around until morning? In the beginning of the episode I was screaming "What the hell are you still doing there?" Girl is very dangerous, but is it wrong for me to be rooting for John Clare and Lily together now? At least they share in their hatred over their creator. Victor shouldn't go home any time soon.

Someone called it when they said Angelique wasn't going to make it passed this season. I don't remember what tipped his hand, but he was right. Now I hate Dorian Gray because he killed Angelique. The only good thing that came from this story is now we have seen his painting. Not as horrific as I thought it was going to be.

Meanwhile, Sir Malcolm released himself from Mrs. Poole's hold. Mrs. Poole couldn't control him any longer and I don't know how he figured it out, but he knew Mrs. Poole was the one pulling the strings. I mean, I'm glad he figured it out and all, but he was pretty stupid to go over to her house alone. What was he thinking? I guess rage does that to a person. I thought Mrs. Poole was interesting, but I guess even evil witches get lonely and want companionship. Too bad Sir Malcolm wants to rip her head from her body, but he's willing to put up with her shit if Mrs. Poole stays away from Vanessa, but that's the one thing she cannot do.

We finally know the whole story now of why evil people are after Vanessa.Vanessa is a natural witch, who has a demon in her. The Devil, who was cast out by God, did not fall alone. His brother also fell with him. Lucifer went to hell and his brother went to earth. I assume that his brother is Dracula. Apparently Dracula and Lucifer don't get along. Anyway, Lucifer has his witches, while Dracula has his vampires and both are using their minions to lure Vanessa to their respective side because whoever reunites with the demon inside Vanessa first, will be able to start the apocalypse. God sent his hound or as Sir Malcolm corrected a wolf to stop it from happening. The wolf of God is Ethan. By now you should know that Vanessa and Ethan have the feels for each other. I have $10 that says Ethan's purpose is to kill Vanessa. I mean that would stop the apocalypse from happening, right?

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